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Mike Joy Calls Out NASCAR Fans Complaining About Commercials Live on Air

by Jonathan Howard
Mike Joy Fox Sports
(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

During the final stage of Sunday’s United Rentals Work United 500 at Phoenix, Mike Joy called out NASCAR fans with complaints. Mainly around commercial breaks. The FOX broadcast booth veteran has heard enough from folks at home.

This is something that you don’t pick up on if you are just watching casually. However, Mike Joy made it nice and clear to NASCAR fans. He does not care what you think about the commercial breaks, he’s just doing his job.

So, for all of you out there that feel you need to tweet at NASCAR, Joy has a message.

“For all the keyboard warriors I’m going to do this in words of one syllable. The last green flag full screen break of this race comes right now.”

This is surely not going to make anyone mad.

There has been a lot of green flag racing today and not a lot of action otherwise. Outside of pit road, things have been standard in this race. William Byron and Kyle Larson have largely dominated. However, that has started to change.

Mike Joy Calls Out Fans as Kyle Larson Holds Onto Lead

For Mike Joy, things are just all fun and games. He likes to poke the bear that is the NASCAR fan base from time to time. He has been at this for a long time. However, back on the track, Kyle Larson was holding onto the lead.

Byron fell off in the final stage and couldn’t make adjustments to fix his car and get it back to the speed he had early. Larson did not have such a problem. However, Kevin Harvick has started to close the gap and is within less than a second of Larson. This is where things get interesting.

With 45 laps to go, Harvick has the leader in his sights and is looking to add the 10th win of his career at Phoenix to his record. He is the King of the Desert and is looking to prove it again. This is the last ride for Harvick. He wants to end it the right way.

The Closer is looking to close.