Most ‘Hated’ NASCAR Drivers of 2022 Revealed

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

While you can make educated guesses all you want, nothing beats data. Some folks took the time to find the most hated NASCAR drivers of 2022. Using tweets from this season, we now know who the online NASCAR fanbase dislikes the most. By the way, it’s not much of a surprise

Looking at the numbers, which also included a list of the most loved drivers, the most hated NASCAR driver out there is Bubba Wallace. He sparks controversy with just one humble word at times, despite doing his best to avoid all that mess. When it comes down to it, folks can be unforgiving, and that’s doubly true over on Twitter.

NASCAR Most Hated and Most Loved

Still, you can’t be online as a NASCAR fan and not expect to see this result. Surprisingly, Chase Elliott was not on either list.

Now look, I just want to know what Cody Ware, Daniil Kvyat, and Jacques Villeneuve ever did to get on someone’s bad side. This is just a strange list, but this is what the tweets tell us. Elliott not being on either list is a major surprise. The bot replies of “Mickey Mouse Champ” and “Mickey Elliott” are seen on just about any post he is mentioned in.

Besides that, Elliott is a perennial winner of the NASCAR Most Popular Driver award, winning it four times and will likely collect his fifth at the end of the 2022 season.

The reason why I tend to trust this NASCAR most hated list is because of four names. I knew any list worth it’s salt would have Wallace, Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch, and Austin Dillon on it. Hamlin and Busch are winners and they have personality and a style to their racing. Folks hate that. As for Dillon, no one likes the grandsons of Richard Childress because of the nepotism angle. And he has a reality TV show.

Good for Daniel Suárez topping the most loved list. He comes in week in and week out and does his job, has some beautiful paint schemes, and does things that NASCAR fans apparently like.

That’s the NASCAR most hated and most loved drivers of 2022. Do you agree, Outsiders? Did your favorite driver make the cut on either list or were they among the many neutral drivers that were left outside of these 20?