NASCAR: Myatt Snider Celebrates Sixth-Place Finish at COTA, Calls Team ‘the Little Team That Will’

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Jeff Robinson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

To say that Myatt Snider has had a rough start to the 2022 NASCAR season would be an understatment. However, it looks like the No. 31 driver’s luck might be changing. This Saturday’s Pit Boss 250 Xfinity Series race at COTA saw NASCAR driver Myatt Snider capture his first top-ten finish of the year, crossing the checkered line in 6th place.

Despite a rocky five-race stretch ahead of the road course in Austin, Myatt Snider expressed nothing but positivity during his post-race interview. “Man, we were so close to top five,” Snider said. “Me and No. 1 (Sam Mayer) were racing pretty hard there at the end and he just managed to get me there. Still just so proud of this team, we’re Jordan Anderson Racing.”

“We had a really great TaxSlayer Chevy Camaro all day,” Snider continued. “It didn’t start out great, but I knew it had potential and so we adjusted on it and adjusted on it and finally, it was really good, that last stage there. So, we’re just really proud of the adjustments that Shane Whitbeck made. And Jordan, all the work that he put in, and all the guys at the shop, [the sponsors] that support us and make this possible.”

“We’re a little team but I keep calling us ‘the little team that will,’ and we just did today. Super proud of everybody, it was a great day for Jordan Anderson Racing.”

NASCAR Driver Myatt Snider Calls Race at COTA ‘Really Physical’

We haven’t yet reached the sweltering days of summer, but Austin was still quite warm for Saturday’s Xfinity Series race. When asked about the heat’s effect on his experience in the car in his post-race interview, Snider said, “It was really, really physical. A lot of those restarts were pretty rough and tumble.”

“I mean, someone about spun me on one of the restarts,” Snider continued. “But we managed to come back to a 6th place finish. It just goes to show that you don’t give up with these races and you keep fighting and then you get your sponsors like TaxSlayer in Victory Lane. Just really proud of everybody.”

Sam Mayer, the driver who managed to out-maneuver Myatt Snider and take the final spot in next week’s Dash 4 Cash in the Richmond Raceway, said that the road course at COTA is unlike any other track. “This is one of a kind,” Mayer said in his post-race interview.

“You can compare it to something like Road America just because there’s no grip out there. But all the elevation and the track limits problem that a lot of people had today…Road America obviously doesn’t have that problem, so this is one of a kind.”