NASCAR at COTA: How Many Turns Does Circuit of the Americas Have?

by Joe Rutland

NASCAR drivers will hit COTA this weekend and have to deal with a lot of twists and turns. That’s just how things work on a road course. The Circuit of The Americas in Texas is usually a place where Formula One drivers find a lot in common. But it’s going to be a whale of a time out there for NASCAR drivers indeed. Let’s take a look and see just how many turns they will face.

NASCAR Drivers Will Find A Lot Of Twists, Turns Await Them At COTA

They will deal with 20 turns. OK, so let’s start this tour at Turn 1. Once the drivers take the green flag, it’s a steep uphill climb into a left-hand hairpin turn to kick off the lap. Coming into Turn 2, it’ll be a right-hander out quickly after the exit of the first corner as the track goes back downhill.

Turn 3 at COTA for NASCAR drivers starts up the esses portion of the circuit. So, Turn 3 is a left-hand corner. Turn 4 is a right-hand corner, and Turn 5 is another left-hander. Turns 6 and 7 will have a corner for a long, sweeping right-hander, which is immediately followed by a left-hand corner.

Got that so far? Well, we’re now going into Turns 8 and 9, Drivers will want to maintain a centered line out of Turn 7 to get a good entry into the right-hand, sweeping Turn 8. Also, Turn 9 is another quick left-hander. Turn 10 on this left-hand corner acts more like a kink in a straightaway. Drivers get a chance to use this section to set up for a good passing zone leading into the entry of Turn 11. We get more about the COTA trip from NASCAR.

Turn 11 Will Definitely Have A Hairpin Left-Hand Turn To It

Turn 11, just like the first corner but without as much elevation change, is another hairpin left-hander. NASCAR drivers will have to be careful. Going into Turn 12, after taking the longest straight on the course, will have drivers facing another sharp left-hand turn.

We now go into Turns 13-14. These two corners are tight right-handers following a short chute coming out of Turn 12. Heading into Turn 15, drivers will face a decision. They have to decide if they want to enter this sharp left-hand turn tight or with a wider angle.

For Turns 16-18, they make up the carousel section, which consists of a series of sweeping right-handers. Turn 19 is a left-hand turn that isn’t as tight, serving more of a rolling corner that sends you out into a short straight before heading into the final turn. For Turn 20, it is a hard-braking, sharp left-hand corner.