NASCAR: Austin Dillon Explains His Relationship with New RCR Teammate Kyle Busch

by Jonathan Howard

Amid all of the NASCAR drama that is the Kyle Busch X RCR signing – Austin Dillon spoke about his relationship with Rowdy. Some folks might think of Busch as hotheaded and impatient. It could be just how his competitiveness comes out. Dillon has known Busch for a long time now, and even when the two families didn’t get along – Dillon wasn’t so sure about writing off Busch like that.

At the NASCAR Hall of Fame where the RCR announcement was made, Austin Dillon talked about his new teammate. He also touched on how this all came about with Bob Pockrass of Fox Sports.

“[On] a phone call, saying ‘hey how’s it going,’ and we just started BSing a little bit about his options,” I said, ‘What about coming to drive at RCR?’ He goes ‘Huh, you think your grandfather would want me?’ And I’m like ‘He just wants to win man, he wants to run good and all that stuff in the past is history, that doesn’t matter anymore.’”

Back in 2010-2011, Dillon says Busch approached him about an Xfinity Series job.

“He said, ‘Would you be interested in driving an Xfinity car, Nationwide then, for me?’ And it kinda blew me away because I’ve always been known as the only reason I got a ride is because my grandfather. So, he was one of the only guys to offer me a ride other than my grandfather and I always remembered that about Kyle.”

Austin Dillon Explains the Fit For Kyle Busch at RCR

When a driver changes teams, there can be some growing pains. The new driver is used to doing things a certain way, the drivers already on that team have their own ways of going about things and all the little social cues and issues that can sink a bold signing like this.

Some think Busch to RCR isn’t going to work long-term. However, Austin Dillon has no doubt it will work.

“I mean, look throughout history about the different drivers that my grandfather’s been able to work with. He knows if Kyle’s upset, we gotta make something better. Something that I hope I can bring to Kyle is a calmness, too. Like ‘hey man, there’s gonna be another race we’re gonna be alright.’ There’s gonna be times when we’re gonna have days that aren’t the best. But more often than not he comes in as a favorite at a lot of these races.”

It’s a big moment for the team and something they plan on embracing.

“We’re just excited. I think we’re a good fit for Kyle.”

When the 2023 season gets started at Daytona next season, we’re going to see a different look on Kyle Busch. Things won’t ever be the same again for Rowdy. And we’ll see three chartered cars for RCR which will surely shake things up.