NASCAR: Austin Dillon Has No Interest in Talking to Brad Keselowski After Ambetter 301

by Jonathan Howard

Wherever NASCAR is, drama is not far behind. At Sunday’s Ambetter 301 in New Hampshire, Austin Dillon got a little heated. While out on the track, there was a bit of an incident with Brad Keselowski. Neither of these drivers has had an ideal season. The No. 6 team is more known for a massive penalty this season than their on-track performances. And, Dillon gets more screen time for his reality series than his finishes in 2022.

Still, these are two drivers that firmly believe they should be competing for checkered flags week in and week out. So, tempers can flare and emotions run high.

Austin Dillon v. Brad Keselowski

Under caution, the two drivers decided to drive into one another and do a little shoving. Austin Dillon started the action, taking exception to how the No. 6 was racing him. Afterward, Keselowski talked to the NBC broadcast about what went down on the track.

“Hot in the cars and we all let our tempers get the best of us. We had a decent day here Kim. No. 6 Kohler Generators Ford Mustang, climbed really far in that last run,” Keselowski explained. “I think we went from somewhere in the late teens and 20s and drove up to 7th there on that last run.”

“Yeah, I’ll talk to him privately I don’t need to be a jerk over the media.” Keselowski finished 7th overall. His best finish of the season.

Of course, Austin Dillon was interviewed after the race as well. He did not have such a great day, finishing 23rd overall. He was clear about how he feels about his fellow driver.

“You guys saw it right? Just hard racing I guess. We’ve gone at it a couple of times the last two years. One time I hit really hard. So, just don’t like the way certain people race me, and probably not the right way to do it under a caution. But thanks for giving us an interview for the Bass Pro Shops Chevy, we weren’t very good today.”

And as far as that talk goes? Yeah, don’t expect to hear about that happening any time soon.

“No, I don’t talk to him,” Dillon said about Keselowski.

NASCAR Heads to Pocono

With this weekend in the rearview mirror, NASCAR drivers are looking forward to Pocono. It’s a fun atmosphere and we should get some exciting racing. Will we see some more issues between Austin Dillon and Brad Keselowski? I doubt it, but you just never know who is holding a grudge, or what might happen on that track.

NASCAR is at its best when there’s some rivalry going on. As long as everyone involved is safe in the end, we’ll take it.