NASCAR: Ben Rhodes Opens Up About His Performance This Season

by Caitlin Berard

Though NASCAR Truck Series driver Ben Rhodes is only 25 years old, he’s already had an incredible career in racing. After making his debut in the 2014 Kroger 250, the Truck Series driver honed his craft relentlessly until finally capturing the title of Camping World Truck Series Champion in 2021.

This year, the No.99 Toyota Tundra driver hopes to maintain his status as reigning champion, but with a DNF and 31st place finish in the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, he has his work cut out for him. That said, Rhodes remains confident that the championship is within reach.

In an interview with NASCAR reporter Kimmie Koon, Rhodes gave fans some insight into how he’s feeling about the 2022 Truck Series season thus far.

“Not as hot of a start as last year with two wins in a row,” Rhodes said. “But still a good start nonetheless. Our only hiccup was Las Vegas. We got wrecked on the straightaway and nothing you can do with that. We’re just gonna move forward and rebuild that momentum.”

NASCAR Driver Ben Rhodes Talks Truck Series Races

Any NASCAR race, no matter the series, is a stressful experience for the drivers. Traveling at incredibly high speeds while attempting to outmaneuver dozens of other vehicles and avoid a life-threatening crash is more than enough to get the adrenaline pumping.

That said, the size and nature of the vehicles in the Truck Series make it arguably even more difficult. In his interview with Kimmie Coon, No. 99 Truck Series driver Ben Rhodes echoed this idea.

The Truck Series as a whole is so competitive, so aggressive and just… I don’t know, just ready and rough,” Rhodes said. “I think that, as a truck driver, it’s just stressful, mentally taxing, but I love it.”

“And the fans should love it too,” Rhodes continued. “If I was a fan, I would be glued to the TV every week. Instead, I’m out there just beating and banging and trying to make it happen. It’s hard to get to the checkered flag in this Series but I love it and wouldn’t change it.”

Though he’s finished second in two races, Ben Rhodes hasn’t yet snagged a checkered flag. This is in part due to the stiff competition on the track.

When asked about his biggest competition, Chandler Smith and Zane Smith, however, Ben Rhodes said he isn’t concerned with what anyone is doing but himself. “I ain’t worried about ’em,” Rhodes said with a smile. “The Smiths can have at it, they’ll take care of themselves. We’ll just focus on what Ben Rhodes can do.”