NASCAR: Go Bowling at The Glen Suffers Multiple Weather Delays

by Jonathan Howard

Before the NASCAR Cup Series could get the Go Bowling at The Glen underway, lightning came into the area to put everything on hold. When it comes to road courses, NASCAR allows for some rain. As long as conditions stay relatively clear and drivers aren’t in any danger. However, lightning is a different story.

Just when the first lightning hold was getting over with, and the race was set to start sometime before 4:00 p.m. EST, another bolt came down to change things. Another 30 minutes of waiting and holding off on pre-race ceremonies.

However, after one more 30-minute pause, there was some reprieve. The biggest issue is getting this race finished before it gets dark. No lights on the track mean when the sun goes down, racing comes to an end. So, that’s something to keep an eye on moving forward today.

While NASCAR will race in the rain on a road course, there are some instances where the race could be called. Officials also determined that the track would need to be dried off before the start of the race. It feels like a lot is working against the Go Bowling at The Glen.

Watkins Glen has been home to some great wins in the past. Will the weather make this race more interesting or will we see a favorite like Chase Elliott speed away for the majority of the day? What’s going to be very interesting is how each team approaches the tire strategy.

NASCAR Adds Some Stipulations for Racing in the Rain

So, it’s going to be a wet one. At least for most of the race today. Watkins Glen can be a tricky course, but these drivers will have some rain tires in order to help them navigate the track today. The Xfinity Series has used rain flaps in the past, but the Cup Series hasn’t tried them out yet. Today is the day that they do, in an effort to reduce spray and keep visibility clear.

Drivers are expecting rain for at least the first 20 laps or so. If we see more than that is to be determined. However, here are the competition updates that NASCAR has issued for today.

The rain is going to make things hard today. Delays to get the track clear, delays for lightning. Those hoping for a full race today might be a little disappointed. As long as this thing gets going by about 5:00 p.m. EST or so, we should see a solid finish with enough daylight.

Who will it be, though? The pole winner Elliott? Perhaps Kyle Larson makes his way up from the rear to take the checkered flag today? Or will it be someone new that shakes up the entire playoff situation? It’s the end of the regular season and these questions and more will be answered by the time the checkered flag is waved today.