NASCAR: Bubba Wallace Breaks Silence After Shoving Kyle Larson at Las Vegas

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Larry Placido/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

It’s been a day since the NASCAR drama blew up between Bubba Wallace and Kyle Larson at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Wallace has now broken his silence since the immediate aftermath of the incident. The driver appears to have reflected on his actions and is issuing an apology.

During Stage 2 of the South Point 400 in Las Vegas, Bubba Wallace and Larson got into an on-track collision. Wallace felt Larson pushed him up the track and into the wall. Afterward, Bubba got out of his car, marched up to Larson, and shoved him into his own car.

There didn’t seem to be any regrets when Wallace left the track. However, a day later he appears to have changed his perspective.

“I want to apologize for my action on Sunday following the on-track incident with Kyle Larson and the No. 5 car,” the statement begins.

In Bubba Wallace’s apology, he apologized for his actions, but not directly to Kyle Larson. He also apologized for the way his behavior represented his team and sponsors. That included an apology to Christopher Bell, Toyota, and Joe Gibbs Racing.

Part of that crew Bell works with were part of Bubba’s team earlier in the year before a swap midseason.

Bubba Wallace Had Strong Words After Incident

This apology is a strong turn from the words he had after the wreck and shoving match. Bubba Wallace didn’t apologize to Larson, but it’s clear that his outlook has changed with a little time to reflect. When he was talking to NBC after being released from the care center, Wallace didn’t hold back.

“Larson wanted to make it a three-wide dive bomb, never cleared me, and uh, I don’t lift,” he said. “I know I’m kinda new to running at the front but I don’t lift. Wasn’t even in a spot to lift and he never lifted either, and now we’re junk, so. Just a piss-poor move on his execution.”

There has still been no word from NASCAR if there will be penalties or fines for Bubba Wallace’s actions. If there isn’t any punishment, then the noise will just get louder around this. However, based on how NASCAR has been this season I’d expect something to be applied to Wallace.