NASCAR: Bubba Wallace and Christopher Bell Break Down Their Pit Crew Swap

by Jonathan Howard

With just eight races left to go in the NASCAR season, Bubba Wallace and Christopher Bell are going to be swapping members of their pit crews. Wallace and his No. 23 team troubles have been noted throughout the season. His many pit stop and crew failures have cost him points, place, and confidence heading into races. It hasn’t been a good recipe for success at 23XI which leases crew from Joe Gibbs Racing. But Bell has had similar trouble.

From the standpoint of the drivers, it is frustrating to put out a good performance on a fast car and have things like jumping the wall too early get to you. Or a loose wheel. Perhaps burning an engine up just 10 laps into a race. If it can go wrong, one of these two drivers has experienced it this season.

“We’re trying to improve on all aspects of our race team,” Wallace said to “[The changes are] to of my control, so I look at the vision we have as a team. We’re all trying to push the needle to be better and if this is a step in that direction, then I’m all for it.”

With Bell, it’s a lot of the same. He doesn’t want to blame anyone or undermine others. However, he’s going to embrace it.

“I don’t wanna throw anybody under the bus, but it hasn’t been working what we’ve had,” the No. 20 driver explained. “Anybody that has paid attention to the 20 car this year would understand that the 20 car has not been amazing on pit road either.”

Bubba Wallace and Christopher Bell are just looking for one complete race. Both have been close to a checkered flag this season. However, Bell has undoubtedly had a better season than Wallace.

What Can Bubba Wallace Do?

One thing that Bubba Wallace can look forward to, is the newly renovated Atlanta Motor Speedway. He was in a position to win, then got bullied back to around 5th or so, only to be wrecked about 100 feet from the finish line to finish in 13th place. There was a lot to look at on that day that was good, it just didn’t finish how they expected.

After that race, it felt like Wallace was in a freefall. He was looking for consistency and has not gotten it up to this point in the season. Even when he has a solid one or two stages, he gets into trouble in the final stage. Whatever it may be, he’s going to hope to have a fast Toyota Camry TRD this Sunday and a solid pit crew.

Bell is going to be the last winless driver in the playoffs…if the playoffs started tomorrow. However, they don’t. And that means there is a lot that could happen. A win would make the No. 20 feel a lot safer.

For Bubba Wallace and Bell, this pit crew swap should be good. Maybe some new folks around one another leads to some great results. NASCAR is just one of those unpredictable sports. No one knows what awaits these drivers, but with a little luck, steady hands and some good runs on the track – maybe one of these winless teams will put one on the board Sunday.