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NASCAR: Bubba Wallace Ends the ‘Wheels or Doors’ Debate

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jeffrey Vest/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

You knew that the wheels or doors debate was going to make it to NASCAR and now Bubba Wallace is here to set us straight. In case you thought you knew what the answer is, Wallace took the time to do a little bit of math to show his work. Surrounded by the sights and sounds of a NASCAR race, it is hard to not go one way on this argument.

For a NASCAR driver like Bubba Wallace, this debate is simple. He just has to look around him and see that his car has no doors, but four wheels. Then you factor in the extra sets of wheels, the semi-trucks that deliver a lot of the gear and cars, and so much more. So, it isn’t much of a debate for the No. 23 driver, that’s for sure.

Root Insurance, Wallace’s main sponsor at the Ruoff Mortgage 500, asked and he took the time to talk about the internet’s latest debate.

While he got his math a little confused at first, Wallace held on and got it worked out. 32 wheels per car, no doors, and you have to multiply those 32 by the 37 drivers that are racing on any given night. That doesn’t even count the Xfinity or Truck Series. So, it’s pretty clear why Wallace feels like wheels are the way to go.

It really is hard to say. How many wheels are at the door factory? Because the folks that work there probably think they know they have the right answers. The driver is a little biased… However, the more I think about it, I think that NASCAR and Bubba Wallace might have the answers after all. Sorry for all you Outsiders on team doors, I’m going with wheels here.

NASCAR in Atlanta Ended with Bubba Wallace in the Wall

When NASCAR came to Atlanta, Bubba Wallace was ready. He has proven himself on the superspeedway tracks and this race was advertised as a small superspeedway environment. That’s what you get with a newly paved track and adjusted banks and things like that.

So, when Wallace was in the front vying for the lead against William Byron, not many were shocked. At least, not the fans that pay attention to these things. Wallace tried to make a move, but ended up hitting the wall a bit and fell back into no man’s land. However, just as he was crossing the line, Justin Haley got into Chris Buescher, and Wallace got in the way.

It was the “hardest hit” of the driver’s career according to the man himself. That’s saying something for any NASCAR driver. Wallace seems to have shaken it off since and is ready to make another go at a win.