NASCAR: Bubba Wallace Opens Up About Pit Crew Issues After Positive Momentum

by Jonathan Howard

This season of the NASCAR Cup Series hasn’t been easy for Bubba Wallace at times. It’s started to turn around in recent weeks, though. Wallace posted three top-10 finishes in a row for the first time ever in his career. He won his first pole position and the first pole for 23XI. Even last week was solid, despite a 13th place finish.

Heading into Watkins Glen, Bubba Wallace is probably feeling confident. He has the Indy road course P5 finish to look back on. He might not just be a superspeedway driver, after all.

“I think I’ve done better. It’s the product of not being keyed up. I have a hell of a conversation with myself,” Wallace said to Corey LaJoie on the Stacking Pennies podcast.

“Everybody taking a step back and looking at themselves and seeing how we could do better. And I could do better throughout the race, managing tempers, managing the race. Bootie can do better calling a better race. The pit crew can do a better job of keeping the tires on. We had a lot of failures on pit road that cost us a lot of the speed. And I keep telling everybody this is the speed we’ve had all year long. But this is the product of execution now when you get the finishes.”

What it really comes down to is not making the mistakes that they have in the past, that only lead to issues on the track. No more shooting themselves in the foot.

“I think the biggest factor is not taking ourselves out of the game.”

Bubba Wallace x 23XI for the Foreseeable Future

While Bubba Wallace was on the show he also talked about the 23XI team and signing his extension to stay with the Toyota team for the foreseeable future. It’s a big move that shows the whole organization is behind its flagship driver.

“It does long term. The long-term pressure, long-term mindset just got a little more clear. So, that’s nice, appreciate all involved on that. MJ, Denny, Curtis, Steve, Gene … And then the people on my side, Rod [and] Kyle. Getting the best for both parties. It’s obviously been a great match for us,” he summed up.

This could be a major moment for Bubba as the regular season comes to an end. If he is able to claim a checkered flag before the playoffs begin, things will get very interesting.