NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace Sends Empowering Message to ‘Mentally Fogged People’

by Suzanne Halliburton
Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Bubba Wallace was in a reflective mood as darkness enveloped Phoenix Raceway. He was relaxing with his dog as he awaited Sunday’s start of the next NASCAR race.

So he snapped a photo of what he saw. And he wrote on Twitter what was in his heart. If you’re feeling stuck this morning, Bubba Wallace knows what’s up. And he’s got you.

Wallace tweeted: “Shoutout to my mentally fogged people. Your prolly questioning if the journey is worth it… Questioning if your worth it.. The answer is never clear but I do know there is another day tomorrow. I feel you. I see you. (And) I love you.”

Bubba Wallace Starts 27th in Sunday’s NASCAR Race

Bubba Wallace is in Phoenix for today’s NASCAR race — the Ruoff Mortgage 500. He’ll start 27th out of 36 on the grid. Ryan Blaney sits in the pole position, with Denny Hamlin also starting from the first row.

Wallace’s fans loved his social media message as the hours ticked by to the start of the race.

“Love you too bro,” wrote one fan of Bubba Wallace and NASCAR. “Stack the days. Make the next one better than the last and sometimes it’s all you can do. Every day above ground is a good day.”

Another replied: “Back at you, Bubba. You have a lot of people that love you and support you. You speaking out about mental health has been very important to many of us. Thank you.”

Wallace spoke about his own issues dealing with depression about a year ago. They bubbled up after he was caught off guard by a Fox Sports reporter seeking an interview. Wallace, who was wearing ear buds and listening to music, waved off the interview. He later said that his music helps him with depression.

“There’s a stigma that, if you’re on TV, are an athlete or celebrity, that you don’t have problems,” Bubba Wallace told Auto Week Magazine. “That’s not true. I’m trying to erase that stigma because, I continue to say it, depression doesn’t care who you are.”

He also said: “You’re just down in the dumps and then you have to go in public, put on your best face and show up and do your job, and there are days where that’s really hard.”

Wallace enjoyed a breakthrough season in 2021 as he competed for 23XI Racing. Last October, he won the YellaWood 500 at Talladega Speedway. NASCAR shortened the race because of bad weather conditions. Wallace was in the lead when the race was called. He became the first Black driver to win a Cup Series race since 1963 (Wendell Scott). It also was his first victory driving the McDonald’s sponsored car.

This season, his best result was his runner up finish at the Daytona 500.