NASCAR: Bubba Wallace Shoves Kyle Larson After Wreck During South Point 400

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Coming down the front straightaway, Bubba Wallace and Kyle Larson got into one another, and then Wallace kept things going after leaving his car. The 23XI driver felt that Larson got into him and ruined his day apparently. He wanted answers.

Bubba Wallace walked all the way from his No. 45 McDonald’s Camry to Larson in the infield. It looked like Larson was shaken up during the wreck, but Wallace wanted to have some words.

When Kyle Larson turned away from Wallace, that’s when the shoving started.

Bubba Wallace Retaliates on the Track

It was Stage 2 with 94 total laps completed. Larson and Wallace were side by side in 5th and 6th place and running well. Wallace and his team felt that they had a car capable of winning and they probably did. However, the 45 could have made it through this wall contact. It seems there was retaliation on Bubba’s end that led to both cars wrecking out.

There have been some emotions running high as of late and it looks like Bubba Wallace let it get the better of him. He was the first stage winner, but his day would end early after all of this. Both drivers were taken to the infield care center after this since they exited their vehicles.

What really stinks about all of this is that NASCAR Playoff driver Christopher Bell was caught up in it all. When Larson came through and made contact, it spun him out. After working on the car, the crew couldn’t get the 20 going again. Bell is out of the race now.

So, this is likely going to get another look by NASCAR. Determining whether or not it was a purposeful move to slam into Larson like that, the shoving, walking on the track like he did to get to Larson. Bubba Wallace will have to deal with that in the next week or so.

This is uncharacteristic of Wallace. Especially with someone like Kyle Larson. The Las Vegas heat and the feeling of losing out on a fast car, capable of winning all got to Bubba during this incident. It’s a long season and drivers can only deal with so much.

Now we’ll wait to hear from NASCAR.