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NASCAR: Bubba Wallace Speaks Out About Circuit of the Americas Tire Mishap

by Suzanne Halliburton
Logan Riely/Getty Images

Trust us, Bubba Wallace didn’t enjoy his latest NASCAR performance. But it’s better to keep a smile on your face as opposed to what could have been.

Wallace was competing Sunday at the EchoPark Automotive Texas Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas outside of Austin, Tx. As he maneuvered through turn 16, his driver-side tire came off the car and quickly rolled towards the infield wall. Then it bounced hard and back towards the track.

Here’s a clip of the incident.

Wallace Said All He Could Do Is Laugh at His Bad Luck

So what was the Bubba Wallace reaction to this NASCAR oops moment?

He tweeted: “All ya can do is laugh. Ha.” Fortunately, no one was hurt, so it’s OK for a whistling through the graveyard moment.

Bubba Wallace was pulling double NASCAR duty in Austin this weekend.

On Saturday, he finished 28th in the Xfinity race, competing for Joe Gibbs Racing Team. He drove the No. 18 car, with Dr. Pepper as the main sponsor. He started his career with Gibbs racing and will compete for them again in Indianapolis in July. These extra competitions will give him more track time.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Wallace was back to car No. 23 with his 23XI team. Obviously, he didn’t finish the race. It’ll go down as 38th place and next to last. When his wheel popped off, Wallace already was outside the top 20.

(Photo by Logan Riely/Getty Images)

Bubba Wallace Crashed at NASCAR COTA Race in 2021

Wallace competed at COTA last year, the first time NASCAR came to this track, which is home for the Formula One U.S. Grand Prix. Wallace didn’t fare well in the 2021 race, either. He finished 39th after crashing out in wet conditions.

Because of what happened Sunday, Wallace’s crew will be suspended. Crew chief Bootie Barker, front tire changer Michael Louria and jackman Caleb Dirks all will miss four races.

His fans immediately gave the driver their support.

“And the #23 car is done,” tweeted Justin Gaza. “Bubba Wallace could tell early on that something was wrong with the left rear. It had to do with the pin(s). Like Bubba said, just one week it would be nice for it to all just work.”

Another wrote: “First time seeing you race in person. Killer job this weekend. You got a fan for life.”

“Problems in the left rear all day,” replied Truckie4lyfe. “Wheel fell off and from there the rear was killed beyond repair.”

Then there were the tire jokes and puns. You can expect that, right? “Ya gotta roll with it,” a fan said. “I’ll see myself out now.”

And then we have this tweet, which gave a nod to a Kenny Rogers classic. It definitely won Twitter today. “Picked a fine time to leave me, loose wheel.”