NASCAR: Bubba Wallace’s Race Ends Early After 10 Laps at Sonoma

by Jonathan Howard

One clean weekend. That’s all that Bubba Wallace wants. The NASCAR driver continued to struggle today in Sonoma. After just 10 laps the 23XI driver was out of the race and back to the garage. The worst part is, that he didn’t even really do anything wrong. His car just… failed.

Watch as Wallace’s No. 23 DoorDash Toyota Camry TRD goes up in smoke early in Stage 1.

When a car drips oil, that’s a no-go. Immediately stop, get out, and step away from the car. It’s a dangerous situation, but thankfully it seems that things just smoked out and were done with. Bubba Wallace got out of the car and was the first DNF of the day.

Sonoma is a wild course. Those road courses always have surprises. With each twist and turn and chute, you never know what might happen. Thankfully, Wallace got out of the car and things were just fine afterward.

He talked to Frontstretch afterward about what went down while he was in the car. “Totally random,” the driver said.

This season has not been going very well for Bubba. He’s had pit crew issues, garage issues, and just about everything that can happen on the track has happened – for the worst. From being wrecked at the finish to getting taken out early like this, it’s never-ending.

So, the 23XI team is going to go back and prepare for the next race. When you have this level of bad luck, you take what you can get. Also, it should be coming back around the other way sometime soon, if you believe in karma I guess.

Bubba Wallace Talks Issues at Sonoma

When Bubba Wallace spoke with Frontstretch after the incident, he wasn’t too upset. At least not on the outside. He might have been seething on the inside, but always a class act, he kept his cool. There was no one to blame here, it was just something that happens. A freak accident.

“Totally random. I went to shift to third at one point and it didn’t go, but I pulled it again and it went fine. No over revs, it just blew,” he said.

“We just need a clean weekend, that’s all. We did really good Saturday, Saturday was really clean.”

While he won’t be getting any stage points or anything this week, Wallace will focus on what is ahead. There’s a lot of racing left to go, and it only takes one win. Win and you’re in. At least, if there are 16 or less individual winners at the end of the regular season.

Who knows what is next for Bubba Wallace. The driver has been dying for a clean weekend. It has to happen someday, but when – I’m not sure.