NASCAR Championship 4 Discuss Ross Chastain’s Martinsville Wallride

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

The Championship 4 are together for NASCAR media hits ahead of the big race on Sunday. Ross Chastain had to answer for last week. These other three drivers wanted to know what the thought process was for Chastain. When you see someone do something like ride the wall at 100 MPH, it makes you wonder.

As Joey Logano, Chase Elliott, Christopher Bell, and Chastain prepare for the race in Phoenix, they have some media obligations to take care of. They are all capable of winning, but only one will take home the Bill France Cup.

While they were all in the same room, Logano took the time to ask Ross Chastian about Martinsville. How long did he think about doing that?

“Look, the Indy road course, thought – I think we can all agree we all look at the access roads the runoffs and where do we have to stop, where can we go. I’m telling you man, not, no! I did not!” Chastain pleaded.

It all came down to the white flag. Ross Chastain knew that he needed two spots to get to the Championship 4, and it clicked. He knew what he had to do. There was no point in trying to pass on the bottom. Then, well, we all saw what happened when Ross turned the corner.

Now we have a Championship 4 with two former champions in Logano and Elliott and the two clutch performers in Chastain and Bell.

Ross Chastain Not Favored to Win at Phoenix

Looking at the odds to win the Championship 4 and the odds to win the race straight up on Sunday, Ross Chastain is not favored for either. When it comes to his chances of taking the Bill France Cup, Vegas listed him at 3-1 odds. Elliott led the odds with a 2-1 chance.

However, his chances of winning the race aren’t any better. In fact, they are statistically worse. The odds of Chastain taking the checkered flag opened up at 4-1. This isn’t a track that he has a lot of Cup Series experience at. But the Trackhouse Racing driver finished P2 at Phoenix earlier in the season.

After such a strong move last week, who knows what Ross Chastain has up his sleeve this week? He will likely race a normal race and let someone else try riding the wall this time. It doesn’t feel like that will need to happen in this race. That doesn’t mean we won’t see a divebomb or some other wild maneuver if this race comes down to it.

We know what Chastain will do for a title, let’s see what the others pull out of their sleeves.