NASCAR’s Chase Briscoe Frustrated by NFL’s Blackout Policies

by Jonathan Howard

One Sunday. That’s all Chase Briscoe and the NASCAR Cup Series drivers get off during the NFL season – and the driver isn’t happy. With all of the ways that you can watch the NFL now, Redzone, NFL Sunday Ticket, regular TV, streaming services like Amazon. . . it’s enough to drive you wild. So, why did the Ford driver have a hard time watching his Indianapolis Colts?

Well, it’s simple. The Colts weren’t playing in his area. Which is strange. The race on Saturday was in Bristol, Tennessee. That’s not right next to Indiana, but it’s pretty close. I’m sure that Chase Briscoe didn’t stay in Bristol all weekend, so what gives?

The NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs driver wants to know, what’s up with all that?

Of course, people chimed in about Redzone and NFL Sunday Ticket. Well, jokes on them, Chase Briscoe has already thought about all of that. It just doesn’t make sense to get a Sunday Ticket subscription when you only get one Sunday off. Redzone isn’t the same as watching an entire game on one channel.

Point is, there’s a lot of nuance to Briscoe’s situation.

For the No. 14 driver, he will have to wait until October 6 when the Colts play the Broncos on Thursday Night Football (hope he has Amazon Prime). Then Indy will play on Monday Night Football on November 28 against the Steelers at home.

Look, I know a lot of Colts fans, Chase. You’re lucky that the game wasn’t available in your area. For those that don’t know, Indy took a 24-0 wallop from the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Chase Briscoe Advances to the Round of 12

While he wasn’t able to watch his Colts get embarrassed in Jacksonville, Chase Briscoe had a decent weekend. The No. 14 Ford Mustang found itself among the 12 drivers advancing to the next round of the NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs. This is a big moment for Briscoe and he will try his best to get to the Round of 8.

Saturday night at Bristol Motor Speedway was a wild time. Drivers found themselves on the wrong end of a couple of incidents. Kyle Busch was unable to finish the race. And, RCR had both of their drivers eliminated by the time the points were accounted for.

As we move on to Texas, what surprises await?