NASCAR: Chase Briscoe Spins Into the Infield During the Daytona 500

by Jonathan Howard

The Daytona 500 has all the action that folks love about NASCAR. Chase Briscoe found himself sliding out early in Stage One.

Briscoe thought everything was going great, then that’s when things…got a little loose. When that white smoke hits the air, it is usually not good news. The No.14 was taking a turn and before you knew it, Briscoe was out of the top-5 of the field and had crossed the double yellow line.

The part that really stings for Chase Briscoe and his team has to be the fact that they worked themselves up from the back of the field. They failed inspection twice and were penalized for that along with Daniel Hemric. Just when he was running well, this happened. Check it out below.

There has been a couple of tires that have popped off. Briscoe might have been a victim of that after all was said and done. Those tires can cause guys to jolt slightly, bump other drivers, and send guys spinning. Briscoe wants to be one of the drivers that steps up this season. He is going to need some better luck moving forward.

It didn’t put Chase Briscoe out of the race, however. He would return to the track. It didn’t help his Stage One results. He started to drive strong in Stage Two, but that’s when the rest of the drivers got going as well. This Daytona 500 brought some drama early. During the second stage, with just about 25 laps to go, almost everyone but the Toyotas took to Pit Road.

In the wild dash for the pit, Briscoe missed his box, and almost caused a lot more commotion where it didn’t need to be. He was able to pull out and get himself into 20th position or so afterward.

Chase Briscoe Avoids Major Wreck, Harrison Burton Can’t Say the Same

While Chase Briscoe kept his wheel on the track, Harrison Burton didn’t have the same luck. Burton was driving great for a 21-year-old. He had actually led three laps in Stage One. Then, things got rough. Brad Keselowski got a little physical and ended up turning Burton on the track. Soon enough, he was in the air flipping.

Burton landed safely on all fours, however, it ended his day. The young driver wanted to get some stage points, but it wasn’t meant to be. That is what Daytona does, though. It chews up drivers and spits them out. Drivers can just brace themselves and hope for the best, that’s about it.

So, Chase Briscoe is in. Harrison Burton is out. There is a lot of racing to go today as the Daytona 500 continues. A lot more rubbing, and likely another wreck or two at least. So, strap in race fans and brace yourselves.