NASCAR: Chase Elliott Bounces Back at Bristol Motor Speedway, Leads Playoff Standings

by Jonathan Howard

Four NASCAR drivers ended up being eliminated at Bristol Motor Speedway on Saturday night. Chase Elliott had a big night and now leads the standings. These NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs have been very eventful. Three races, three spoilers. No auto-qualifiers were given out.

For Hendrick Motorsports driver Chase Elliott, Saturday night would have only been better if he could have taken the checkered flag. However, after his rough start to the playoffs, it looks like the 2020 champ is on his way to another great run to the championship.

Before the eliminations and the race on Saturday, Elliott was seventh in the standings. After finishing P2, it is a whole new game. The No. 9 Chevy is now +31 above the cutline and +15 points on Joey Logano who is second in the standings.

Chase Elliott ‘Proud’ of Bristol Performance

After the race, Chase Elliott talked about his position moving forward. This was a race where he just came up short, but he wasn’t really meant to be in that position, to begin with. So, he’ll take it.

“Just to be moving on is a good thing,” he explained. “Narratives can change really fast, I’ve learned over the years. Yeah we didn’t have a very good first two races but it was nice to get in the battle there with the 17 bunch and congratulations to them. I know that’s been a bit of a rough road and a big deal for Brad. Happy for their accomplishment, wish it would have been the other night. Would have loved to have won this race.

“Proud of the effort, I feel like we had a shot, feel like we got our balance really close and overcame a really bad qualifying effort again yesterday. So, we want to try to get that improved.”

While he looked to be in the middle of the pack, Chase Elliott has flipped the script or the “narrative” as he said. However, it could still change again. When the Round of 12 begins, Elliott and his team are going to try and recapture the success they had Saturday night. Maybe this time, he will be in a better position to close out the race.