NASCAR’s Chase Elliott Gets Major On Stage Shoutout From Eric Church During ‘Talladega’

by Caitlin Berard

In the sage words of Luke Combs, “Country music and NASCAR. It just kind of goes together.” Few forms of entertainment have a greater overlap of fans than country music and NASCAR. It’s never a surprise to see country stars performing at NASCAR races or NASCAR racers attending country music concerts. And sometimes, this overlap can lead to truly heartwarming moments, which is exactly what happened between Chase Elliot and Eric Church this weekend.

As part of his Gather Again Tour, Eric Church stopped in the middle of NASCAR-country for a performance at the Spectrum Arena in Charlotte, Carolina. During his performance of “Talladega,” a fan handed Church a flag representing NASCAR darling, #9 driver, Chase Elliott.

Church not only accepted it but held it up, proudly showing the flag emblazoned with the #9 car and Chase Elliott’s name to the cheering crowd. It’s a subtle gesture, but one that shows major love to the NASCAR driver. And it didn’t go unnoticed.

When Chase Elliott saw the pictures of Eric Church holding his flag, he took to Twitter to respond. Elliott writes, “When Marty Smith FaceTimes you the [G.O.A.T] holding up the proper flag tonight in Charlotte…”

As if that wasn’t sweet enough, the story gets even better from there. Seeing Elliott’s excitement on Twitter, the fans who gave Eric Church the flag responded. They assured the driver that they intended to give him the flag, now bearing the country star’s signature, the next time they saw him.

If nothing else makes you proud to be NASCAR and country music fan, seeing the fandoms come together in support of one another should.

Chase Elliott Isn’t Eric Church’s Only Famous Fan

Just because someone is a NASCAR driver or a country music star doesn’t mean they don’t get starstruck like everyone else. Fan-favorite driver, Chase Elliott, is clearly a big fan of Eric Church (and vice versa), but he’s not the only famous person to show the country music legend love.

Though Morgan Wallen has come into controversy in recent years, he’s doing his best to put positivity out into the world. Surprisingly, Eric Church has been there with him every step of the way, guiding the young star back into fans’ good graces.

In a recent interview, Wallen described his friendship with the Chief. “I don’t [know] exactly when it was we started hanging out, we went on a golf trip together and ended up fishing. But we started hanging out then,” the singer said. “We just became buddies. I guess we kind of have a similar attitude or whatever it is.”

“I know he doesn’t publicly come out and have a lot of buddies,” the singer explained further. “But he’s always been my country music hero… he’s one of the main reasons that I sing country music.”