NASCAR: Chase Elliott Says He’s ‘Had Fun’ Adapting to the Next Gen Cars

by Joe Rutland

This NASCAR season is worth watching as the Next Gen cars are all the rage. Chase Elliott is fine with them. In fact, the longtime NASCAR driver finds them to be endearing these days. To be honest, the Next Gen cars are sometimes fun to watch and they will be on display Sunday at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Still, this new car is new to the NASCAR Cup Series so drivers are learning on the job about its nuances.

NASCAR Driver Chase Elliott Is Getting Used To Next Gen Car

Chase Elliott, who won the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series championship, is going through a car change right now. It’s happening for the first time in his career.

What does he think about them? “There are probably a handful of guys in the field that went through the COT change and then as the car transitioned to…the last one, but for me personally, this is the first time I’ve kind of gone through that,” Elliott said Saturday.

“I’ve had fun with it, really, just because it is different,” he said. “This thing does drive different. I feel like it is a little less forgiving than what we had last year. You’re not really going any faster, but it’s just less forgiving, which is interesting.” We get more about this topic from Racer.

Elliott Says That This New Car Is ‘Still Very Draggy’ Right Now

“Typically, with a lack of forgiveness comes extra speed, but that’s just not really the case with this car,” the NASCAR driver said. “It’s still very draggy, but there’s just not a lot of cushion to lean on with the right side from an aero standpoint. It’s just a different feel, but I think as you go through some of these changes, you really have to have an open mind.”

If you recall, then you’ll know that Elliott joined the NASCAR Cup Series in 2015. That happened to be Year 3 of the Generation 6 car.

So, the only change that he’d had since then involved Chevrolet. It went through a body design update from the Chevy SS to the Camaro ZL1 for the 2018 season. OK, now that we have that out of the way, what does he think about his chances at winning the NASCAR Cup Series championship?

Elliott is among a group of drivers that runs for Hendrick Motorsports. “Our group has really just taken this car as an opportunity to be better,” Elliott said. “Our group has done a good job of identifying what matters with this car and at least be able to get the ball rolling in the right direction.” Well, maybe the team will have a champion out of there.