NASCAR: Chase Elliott Set to Deliver Hendrick Motorsports Playoff Sweep

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Jeffrey Vest/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The 2022 NASCAR Cup Series is well underway. It has been a year with some upsets, like Chase Briscoe and Austin Cindric, but it has also been a big-time season for Hendrick Motorsports. The racing team has seen its last two drivers, Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott, win the NASCAR Cup Series. This year, Larson, Alex Bowman and William Byron have all won NASCAR Cup Series races. Only Chase Elliott remains, and folks are wondering if Elliott is set to deliver a Hendrick Motorsports playoff sweep in the coming weeks.

A lot of folks are surprised that Elliott has not won a race yet in 2022. However, you have to look deeper at Elliott’s 2022 run to appreciate what he’s done. As of this week, Elliott is the points leader. This week, he races at a track he has previously won. With a victory, this would place all four drivers in the playoffs for Hendrick Motorsports.

Elliott’s Thoughts on Atlanta Motors Speedway

Elliott got to race at his home track on Sunday afternoon. However, things were a little bit different this time around. Elliott said of the race, “It was crazy, for sure.” He continued, “Hopefully it was fun to watch because I felt like it was wild from my seat. It was very much so like a Daytona or Talladega. Just trying to position yourself there at the right spot and hope it goes your way.”

Although Elliott did not take home the checkered flag, it was still a great afternoon for the points leader on Hendrick Motorsports.

NASCAR Star Chase Elliott at Hendrick Motorsports

Elliott has been a huge star for Hendrick Motorsports. The star driver is also quite happy with the team. He previously said about the team, “As long as he’s willing to have me, my loyalty is gonna be there to him, and I want to go and perform at a very high level for him.”

He continued, “Another factor that weighs on my decision-making through this process is we are extremely fortunate to do what we do. When you step back and you look at the reality of the world and what you could be doing out there for a lot less money, you need to take a reality check and realize what you’re doing.” Elliott maintains his perspective. He doesn’t take for granted where he is and what he gets to do every single day.

He concluded, “So, I’m super grateful and thankful for the opportunity. I want to have fun, I enjoy driving cars, and I enjoy the challenge of what it takes to try to be good here. Just look at all the things that are going on in our world right now. Sometimes you have to step back and look at what you’re doing versus what you could be doing. That’s always a good reminder if you’re ever thinking about playing (negotiation) games.”

Watch out for Chase Elliott on Sunday afternoon.