NASCAR: Chase Elliott Wins Ally 400 in Nashville After Weather Delays

by John Jamison

NASCAR was back in Nashville on Sunday and the great state of Tennessee put the drivers through their paces. After multiple delays caused by lightning and rain, the Cup Series action at Nashville Superspeedway finally culminated in a big win for Chase Elliott.

Denny Hamlin won the pole ahead of the Ally 400 and he certainly did his best to capitalize. He was in prime position to take the checkered flag for the majority of the race, narrowly losing the first two stages to Martin Truex Jr. Both Hamlin and Truex Jr. finally gave way to Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick, and Ross Chastain after a restart toward the beginning of Stage 3. Chase Elliott made his presence known in the Top 5 too.

That presence would matter. After a restart caused by Chris Buescher’s right rear tire coming loose, Elliott came out guns blazing to take the lead from Kyle Busch. He wouldn’t let it go.

With turbulent weather looming, the NASCAR field was racing against more than just their fellow drivers. Another delay later than 10 PM would likely have meant a called race with standings hitting the books as official results.

Rain, Rain Go Away

The first delay came early due to lightning within an 8-mile radius of track. Passion, momentum, whatever else the drivers had going for them had to take a backseat to the automatic weather delay. Of course, for the safety of the crowd, officials asked that fans leave the stands behind for the safety of their own cars (probably not Next Gen).

Around 5:30 PM Central, the race resumed, but it wouldn’t last. NBC was forced to sign off around 8 PM Central after another prolonged delay caused by lighting and rain. The rain took a while to clear and we didn’t see the race resume until roughly 10 PM.