NASCAR: Chase Elliott Wrecks, Car Catches Fire While Leading at Texas Motor Speedway

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

Just when we thought there couldn’t be more wrecks and spinouts in this NASCAR race, Chase Elliott proved otherwise while leading. Stage 2 saw a very serious wreck when Cody Ware hit the wall on the track and pit road and his car caught fire. He was taken to the infield care center. Elliott followed that up with an incident of his own. The Hendrick Motorsports driver was able to exit the car.

Texas Motor Speedway is known for being a tough track. In fact, many drivers and fans despise it. With the heat in Fort Worth, the track has been slick today. Chase Elliott was leading but soon found himself sliding and hitting the wall. Then, there was a fire. His right rear tire popped and seemed to cause the incident.

Whatever happened with this No. 9 car, it paved the way for the winless Ryan Blaney to take the lead. There seemed to be something that broke in the car, which would explain the fire. A lot of these cars leak fluid when things break down by the wheels. Brake fluid, transmission fluid, all kinds of flammable goodness.

Chase Elliott found himself on the wrong side of this track. It will be very interesting to see what happens with the playoff situation after the race is over. There has been so much drama and so much chaos already. It feels as though it will be a bit of a long night in the heat of Texas.

Tough break for the regular season champion. It looks like it will be on to the next one for the 2020 Cup Series champion.

Chase Elliott Led Coming In

Before the start of today’s race, Chase Elliott led the way in the NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs points standings. It’s been a tough go of things for these postseason drivers. Three full races, three spoilers. That’s not what you imagine when you get into the playoffs. It goes to show how evenly matched these Next Gen cars are. These drivers have to look for any advantage.

For Chase Elliott, you just have to count your blessings and move on. He knows that he could win at Charlotte and anything can happen at Talladega. So, why worry? This won’t likely kick him out of the top 8, but that remains to be seen.