NASCAR: Clint Bowyer Speaks Out After Twitter Account Hacked As He Went on Air

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

Clint Bowyer’s Twitter account was hacked just before he went onto the air to broadcast Sunday’s NASCAR race in Phoenix.

With hackers keying in on several sports personalities on Twitter, Clint Bowyer was the latest victim. It happened during Sunday’s NASCAR race in Phoenix.

Bowyer’s account wasn’t for crypto or NFTs but PlayStation 5 devices, unlike other hacked accounts. A hacker tried to reach out to different media, and soon, Twitter locked the former NASCAR driver’s account.

Fox Sports Quick To Tell Twitter Users Clint Bowyer Got Hacked

Clint Bowyer was hacked while working on the air, and unable to tell Twitter fans about it.

Sports website Awful Announcing said Fox Sports PR rep, Megan Englehart, alerted the public that Bowyer was aware of the hacking.

Bowyer responded to his Twitter fans, telling them that he had recovered access to his account. He said, “whatever you do, don’t ever send money to anyone asking on this damn thing. Gosh, there’s no worse feeling than knowing someone is pretending to be you is asking for someone’s money.”

Bowyer’s imposter asked fans to buy the free-shipping devices on a first-come, first-serve basis, with proceeds going to charity. The spaces, capitalization, and lousy punctuation seemed to be a giveaway to the hacker, too.

One fan named Mearn joked, “Man Clint Bowyer is just a generous guy. From giving away cash every week on air to selling PS5s while he’s supposed to be working. Incredible.”

Recent hack victims have scored attention lately. Those hacks involved cryptocurrency and NFTs. ESPN’s Jeff Passan got hacked on the same day pro baseball owners and players ended the lockout. Other media members to get hacked included Fox Sports commentator Desmond Howard and The Athletic’s Stewart Mandel. 

Fortunately, hackers didn’t attack Bowyer’s other Twitter account. That one belongs to his Emporia, Kansas car dealership.

Twitter Useful For NASCAR’s Bowyer In Fighting Back Against Criticism

The former driver’s got a Twitter account, and he’s not afraid to use it.

Fans, jokingly or not, seem to go after the Kansas native. When a fan went after Bowyer’s tie, he quickly shot back. The TV guy acknowledged that his tie went below the belt while fellow broadcasters Mike Joy and Tony Stewart had their ties just touching the shirt button closest to their pants.

Though he acknowledged his tie didn’t match his companions’, in a tweet fired back at the NASCAR fan, Bowyer revealed that he didn’t care what they thought.

Minutes later, Bowyer went after another fan. That fan kept going with the tie thing, saying, “low was always better than short. The fan added, “ties should always go AT LEAST to the belt.”

Bowyer had a funny response to that comment.

“Why are some longer than others,” Bowyer wrote. “That damn thing was fit for Shaq, for crying out loud. Ima YouTube that Windsor deals next.”