NASCAR: Clint Bowyer Takes a Swipe at Hendrick Motorsports Drivers

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images)

NASCAR analyst Clint Bowyer raced against Hendrick Motorsports drivers for years, and he took a swipe at the team’s drivers recently on-air.

Bowyer made his way to “NASCAR Race Hub” this week with HMS vice president of competition Chad Knaus and host Adam Alexander.

The trio talked about the famous team’s early success this season before talking about its struggles at Phoenix. Chase Elliott led the team with an 11th-place finish.

Bowyer Doesn’t Hold Back, Does He?

While talking about William Byron’s 18th-place finish, the show featured a strange graphic showing Byron’s odd pose. Fans observed the driver in a pose where he was about to slap something.

The website Sportscasting observed Knaus joking about former driver Jeff Gordon’s work with the team. Knaus said Gordon would be leading a self-defense class at Hendrick with how the drivers have recently battled on and off the track.

Bowyer, hot of his Twitter hack during the race, flew in with a shot.

“You might need one with that group,” Bowyer said, referring to the need of a self-defense expert. “They’re good at a lot of things, but I wouldn’t think that cage match would be one of those things with your bunch.”

Oof. Well, I guess the 42-year-old Bowyer couldn’t hold back. Yeah, usually broadcasters are supposed to be neutral. But former drivers with a microphone in front of them may let something slip, now and then.

Hopefully, everyone realized it was just the Kansas man’s joking nature. Plus, it’s part of the racing culture of being friendly, right?

Bowyer Raced For Years Against Hendrick’s Domination

The racer-turned-broadcaster competed against NASCAR’s top team in Cup racing for years. 

First, he started with Richard Childress Racing for eight years. 

Next, he landed at Michael Waltrip Racing for four years before jumping to HScott Motorsports for one season. Finally, the man raced for Stewart-Hass Racing for four more seasons before retiring. 

He raced against Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and a host of top talent during that time. That team developed a reputation for having pretty but successful drivers. Their hard-fought wins often stirred jealously among the race teams.

Bowyer, however, could only muster ten wins in the circuit.

As a broadcaster, he’s joked and regularly teased former driver and HMS vice chairman Jeff Gordon last year. The two often worked together in the Fox broadcast booth. Bowyer has called out other drivers (outside Hendrick) in the past.

Both men are friends (or at least friendly in the same room), and they’ve traded more than a few shots. Gordon’s mocked his friend’s intelligence, among other things.

Bowyer went to the well and joked about Gordon’s height and age. The Kansas native made fun of Gordon’s vision, saying bigger letters on Martin Truex Jr.’s car would help his eyes better.