NASCAR: Cody Ware Involved in Serious Wreck on Pit Road

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by David Jensen/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

A truly scary NASCAR situation at Texas Motor Speedway as Cody Ware hit the wall hard, then hit the pit road wall before his car caught on fire. All day there have been cars spinning out on the track. The weather is hot and the track is slick out there in Fort Worth.

The accident happened during Stage 2 of the Autotrader EchoPark Automotive 500. Not only did Cody Ware hit the wall on the track, but he also appeared to be hurt as he came down to pit road. He slammed into the wall on pit road as well. Then, as safety officials got Ware out of the car, it began to catch fire. It was put out.

Cody Ware was taken out on a stretcher by medical personnel and taken to the infield care center.

UPDATE: Cody Ware was treated at the infield care center and NASCAR announced he was released at 7:25 p.m. It was over an hour after the accident happened. Below is the statement from Rick Ware Racing.

NASCAR Statement on Cody Ware

This is another reminder about the complaints drivers have made in the past. Not just about Texas Motor Speedway itself, but about the Next Gen cars. While these cars are really great and have provided a lot of entertainment this season – there is a safety issue it appears. Drivers like Alex Bowman, Denny Hamlin, Kurt Busch, and more have all had big hits and said they were the hardest of their careers.

Here is the statement that NASCAR released about the No. 51 driver Cody Ware.

No one likes to see these wrecks and you have to imagine that NASCAR hates to see them as well. These are their drivers and the ones responsible for the product on the track, after all. This has been a really good season in the Next Gen era. Hopefully, we will see changes made between now and 2023 that make this a safer car and prevents drivers from being rattled like we saw today.

All race-long drivers from Kyle Busch to Chase Elliott spun out and had other issues. That’s partly to do with the car, partly due to the track. With the heat and general tire wear, it’s a recipe for slippery conditions and plenty of caution flags.

So, let’s hope Cody Ware is good and healthy after being taken care of by the medical team at NASCAR.