NASCAR Confiscates Wheels from RFK Racing

by Jonathan Howard

Well, it looks like bad news for Team Penske and RFK Racing. NASCAR has confiscated wheels and now, we will have to wait to see what happens.

When NASCAR officials confiscate things like wheels or tires, it’s not good. Officials are going to take the parts to the NASCAR Research & Development Center so they can be looked at more closely. Once the inspection is finished, any potential punishment will then be handed out.

So, who does this affect? Well, a couple of drivers that qualified in a top-4 starting position, that’s who. Brad Keselowski and Chris Buescher are both RFK Racing drivers. After racing really hard and becoming the winners in both Duels respectively, things look uneasy for the moment. No one knows what kind of penalty the team might face at this moment.

NASCAR has said that these Next Gen cars mean a new set of penalties. That means tougher restrictions and punishments as well. So the 2022 Cup Series will be very interesting when it comes to these instances. This will be the first time that NASCAR uses these new guidelines. So, it will set a precedent for sure.

For Team Penske, they field cars that include drivers Joey Logano, Ryan Blaney, and Austin Cindric. So, those qualifiers will also be waiting to hear something about the findings at the Development Center.

These new cars use 18-inch aluminum wheels. They are made by BBS, the German wheel-maker. I always wanted BBS wheels on my ’87 BMW, but never got my hands on any. Anyway, these new wheels use a singular, center-locking lug nut. The former 15-inch wheels used a five-lug pattern.

NASCAR isn’t messing around this year, y’all.

NASCAR Is Set for the Daytona 500

Fans need to go ahead and make their final plans. Will it be another race to remember down in Daytona? NASCAR is putting a lot of effort into this season. Next Gen cars, started things off at the LA Coliseum, and now they get the real season started. The Daytona 500 will be the first chance for drivers to earn Cup Series points and make a run at the playoffs.

While last season ended with a big wreck and Michael McDowell took the win. Things like that happen at Daytona. With the new cars, drivers and teams are still adjusting and tinkering around to get the most out of their vehicles. Now, illegal wheels aren’t allowed, but teams are going to push the boundaries as much as they can.

Do you smell that, Outsiders? It smells like chili dogs, high-end fuel, and burnt rubber…the sign that Spring is almost here. NASCAR takes one of its biggest stages this Sunday afternoon when that green flag starts waving to start the Daytona 500.