NASCAR Cup Series Ally 400: Here’s What to Expect

by Chase Thomas

We’re still a few months away from the second-ever NASCAR Cup Series Ally 400 in Nashville, but preparation for the event is already well underway. The 2021 event was a huge success, with Kyle Larson taking home the checkered flag. However, the 2022 event is going to be a bit different for folks both watching at home and going to the event. There are a lot of different things to expect in 2022. That ranges from fewer COVID-19 restrictions to the impact of Speedway Motorsports getting involved.

The world has changed a lot since the 2021 race last year. Now, with more states across the union easing up on earlier pandemic rules and requirements, it will be a different event in 2022. Erik Moses of Nashville Superspeedway told The Tennessean, “Last year we were planning kind of in the middle of COVID.” He continued, “So there were a lot of things in terms of fan experience that we weren’t comfortable doing not knowing how things would be in society in June of 2021. So we will be leaning into the fan experience and the entertainment part of the fan experience this year.”

Moses did not divulge any specifics as to what fans can expect to be different this year. He does note, though, that because of how things were in 2021, they were not able to present the fan experience they may have liked due to the pandemic. Now, though, fans can expect a lot of those things that went away in 2021 to return for the 2022 event. It’s a different fan experience this go-round.

Speedway Motorsports & NASCAR

The Nashville Superspeedway should be different, too, because of Speedway Motorsports. The president of Speedway Motorsports Marcus Smith told The Tennessean, “Anytime you have an inaugural year you have that extra special thing and that is part of the challenge we face as we host these events to make them better, special and different every single year for our fans.”

The newspaper notes that the new owners of the speedway figure to be more “stable” than the previous owners, which should only make Nashville residents even more excited about the future of the track and racing in Nashville. Smith concluded, “I am thrilled that we are here because everybody around the entire world knows of Nashville, Tennessee and knows that it is one of the hottest markets in the world.”

Could Larson win the race in back-to-back seasons? Only time will tell as we are still months away from the summer event that should excite racing fans.