NASCAR Cup Series Drivers Not Happy With Ross Chastain’s Last Lap Move at Martinsville

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images)

While fans lost their minds watching Ross Chastain ride the wall on his way to qualifying for the Championship 4, other drivers didn’t like it. The NASCAR Cup Series field was a little torn on what Chastain did at Martinsville. It was an exhilarating finish and one that will go down in history.

But will it ever be allowed to happen again? According to Bob Pockrass of Fox Sports, NASCAR said the move was within the rules. However, they will talk about driver concerns later this week.

This is where drivers have their issues. Everyone kinda knows that you can attempt to do that, but they don’t know if it will work. That’s the risk and reward, isn’t it? Ross Chastain could have blown his tires, or turned after hitting the wall, a lot could have gone wrong.

Some drivers just don’t think it’s racing. In fact, they think it’s a bad look for NASCAR.

Kyle Larson and Others Don’t Approve of Ross Chastain’s Move

It was reported that a number of Cup Series drivers approached officials after the race. They were not happy about what happened with Ross Chastain. Kyle Larson spoke to the media after the fact. Among other comments, he said that Chastain’s move was “not good for the sport” and was “embarrassing.”

The driver even went on to ask the media why they thought it was such a great thing.

Those same sentiments were echoed a bit by Ryan Blaney. Blaney found himself eliminated from the playoffs after today, but it wasn’t Chastain that did it to him. The No. 12 said that he doesn’t think it makes the field look good and worries about that happening at future races.

“I don’t think that needs to be a reoccurring thing.”

So, is there anyone who liked this from Ross Chastain? While there were plenty of complaints, even from Joey Logano who thought a wall contact rule needs to be put forth, at least one driver thought it was cool.

Chase Briscoe Didn’t Mind

While Chase Briscoe was fighting to hold onto what track position he could, Ross Chastain passed him going 1,000 MPH. That’s what it seemed like anyway. Briscoe got a great look at Chastain riding the wall and afterward, he thought it was incredible.

No rules against it, no harm, no foul. What are they supposed to do?

There is going to be a lot more said about this race in the coming days. NASCAR is going to have to make a decision one way or another about whether or not drivers can do this. Will it cause drivers to make a mad dash for the wall at Richmond, Martinsville, and Bristol? Perhaps.