NASCAR: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Brings the Family to the Track Ahead of Xfinity Series Race at Martinsville

by Jonathan Howard

This weekend, NASCAR Hall of Famer Dale Earnhardt Jr. raced in the Xfinity Series and his family came along to the track. He’s a girl dad now, and that means loading up the minivan and heading on down to the track these days. Of course, the driver has memories of going to the track as a kid with his own dad. It all comes full circle, doesn’t it?

It is always great to see Dale Jr. back behind the wheel of a racecar. The Xfinity Series is the series where he found his early success, won back-to-back championships, and where he has really thrived in the sport. If he wants to drive, then dang it, Earnhardt can drive.

He shared some behind-the-scenes photos about his trip with the family.

“It’s been a busy day!” the post caption says. “Bringing the family to the track is definitely not an easy task, but worth every minute. It totally reminds me when my kids were younger. It doesn’t get easier, only gets different.”

Perhaps driven at high speeds for dozens and dozens of laps are where the Hall of Famer finds his peace nowadays. He sure is happy to be a mostly retired NASCAR legend and focused on raising his daughters and spending time at home. Fans might miss him on the track, but moments like Friday night make it even more special when he gets into a car.

Although he hadn’t raced in a while, Dlae Earnhardrt Jr. fared well in the NASCAR race while his family looked on. He might be 47-years-old, but he can still drive a car.

NASCAR: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Earns 11th Place While Family Looks On

There has been so much that Dale Jr. has done for racing. NASCAR wouldn’t be where it is today without him, that’s for sure. Friday night, among all the chaos, a big wreck, and more, the Xfinity Series champion showed off his expertise. He didn’t get a top-5 finish. However, he raced well enough to earn himself 11th place.

This race had just about everything a NASCAR race could have. A big wreck that took out the whole field on the paperclip. Martinsville is a track that can run smoothly, and it can run roughly. Drivers aren’t strangers to the wall at the Virginia track. Tires burn up quickly, and pit stops are a necessity.

While it was great to see Dale Jr. in the race, things were not focused on him by the end of the race. There was the big wreck and the fight between Ty Gibbs and Sam Mayer. Talk about drama. Folks won’t forget this Xfinity Series race any time soon.