NASCAR: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Highlights Difficulties Kyle Larson Faces in Indy 500 Run

by Thad Mitchell

Former NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr. knows a thing or two about the winning race formula and appearing in the victor’s circle. But the legendary racer also knows that are numerous pitfalls on the path to success and he is urging one NASCAR driver to avoid them.

Kyle Larson is one of the hottest names on the racing circuit, competing in the NASCAR Cup Series and racking up wins. Larson also competes in a number of racing events outside of NASCAR and has the upcoming Indy 500 in his sights. Larson is known for being one of the most versatile drivers in today’s game, often juggling multiple races in a single weekend. Along with the Cup Series, Larson participates in and enjoys dirt racing events. Competing and potentially winning the Indy 500 would certainly be another feather in his cap. Dale Earnhardt Jr., however, says the young NASCAR star should be cautious of potential obstacles.

“The only thing that gets in the way, really, is the manufacturers, sponsorships, he says. “Conflicts like that. Those are the only limiting factors for a driver in today’s era of motorsport. Years ago, you could drive one make and then hop in another make. You could work it out, you could massage everything to keep everybody happy. Nowadays, it’s gotta be a Chevy, it’s gotta be something aligned with Chevrolet. Or it’s gotta be something aligned with his partners, and getting all that right, it’s sometimes impossible. That’s the biggest roadblock.”

Kyle Larson has had a streaky season so far in 2022, putting up impressive wins but also performing poorly in other races. He has a win and a second-place finish at Auto Club and Las Vegas, respectively. However, the Daytona 500 and the Phoenix Raceway weren’t great races for him.

NASCAR Legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. Admits to Missing Race Track

While Kyle Larson may or may not compete in the 2022 Inday 500, he would be wise to listen to Dale Earnhardt Jr. Despite retiring from the driver’s seat several years ago, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is still very much involved with NASCAR racing. He spent two decades as a driver and now hosts a podcast where he talks all things racing. In a recent interview with Front Office Sports, he admits that he greatly misses being behind the wheel.

“I miss it really bad, but I compartmentalize it,” he says. “When I’m at a racetrack, I’m reminded every 10 minutes of either something I miss or something I do not miss. It’s a healthy thing, because when I take that into the TV booth with me — missing the driving — I think it comes out as passion. I’m excited about what I’m seeing, and you can tell that I want to be there. I hang on to a little bit of that. I think it’s healthy to miss it.”