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NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. Shares Look at New Portrait Made of Dale Sr.

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images)

NASCAR Hall of Famer Dale Earnhardt Jr. showed off a new portrait of his late father and legendary racer Dale Earnhardt Sr.

On Friday, Junior shared another fantastic work by artist Sean Wales. The 47-year-old man said he and his wife, Amy, loved the painting in Friday’s Instagram post. 

The driver-turned-broadcaster threw a shoutout to the artist, too. He let his fans know that Wales had some other “cool stuff on his page,” too. 

Wales looks to be following in the late NASCAR artist Sam Bass’s footsteps. Some samples of his artwork are at

At one point on Friday, former NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt Jr. post got over 24,000 Instagram likes.

Artist Captures “The Intimidator” In His Early Days

Wales decided to go back to Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s early days for his latest work.

This portrait shows a friendly smile with a bit of shadow in the racer’s right eye. There’s also some curl in those brown hair strands dropping below his Wrangler cap. The photo comes long before the days of his black sunglasses look.

Long before the legendary racer was known as “The Man In Black,” he wore yellow. Senior drove in 1982-1983 for Bud Moore in the No. 15 Wrangler Jeans Ford Thunderbird. Earnhardt in a Ford? It was the legend’s only full-time Ford ride in his career.

That 1982 year was a tough one for the racer. Earnhardt won at Darlington but didn’t finish 18 of 30 races that year. Senior’s dismal year ended in 12th place among the final points standings.

The following year, Earnhardt fared much better. He won the first of 12 Twin 125 Daytona 500 qualifying races. The racer came away with wins at Nashville and Talladega with a final eighth-place finish in the points standings. Amazingly, he finished in 17 of 30 races that season. 

Junior Has Some Fun With A Cuss Word

Friday was an eventful day at the Earnhardt house.

The racer-turned-broadcaster took to Twitter to share a funny story about one of his daughter’s recent use of a cuss word.

The backstory involves wife Amy Earnhardt urging her 47-year-old husband to watch his mouth around the kids for months.

Sure, cuss words are unavoidable at times, but Junior had to do a little gloating Friday. Why? Well, daughter Isla started saying a mommy cuss word. 

Apparently, Isla Earnhardt liked the two words together so much she repeated them about 15 times. Daddy noted that in his Twitter post.

You got to wonder if his victory lap was on a quarter-mile or much longer on Friday. Also, props to Amy for letting him leave the post up that long. I don’t think that would pass in my house.

Several drivers and NASCAR personalities took to Junior’s post to share their stories and comment on the cuss word fun.