NASCAR: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Speaks on ‘Weird Sensation’ of Saturday Races

by Caitlin Berard

This weekend’s NASCAR event marked the one race a year in which NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr competes. The Call 811 Before You Dig 250 Xfinity Series race was all-out chaos, the decades of experience behind him allowed to Dale Earnhardt Jr to weather the storm, and the semi-retired driver crossed the final checkered line in 11th place.

While a typical NASCAR weekend consists of a double or triple header stretching from Friday to Sunday, this weekend’s races looked a little different. The triple header in Martinsville began on Thursday evening and ended late Saturday night. This shift in schedule left NASCAR drivers like Dale Earnhardt Jr feeling a little disoriented, an opinion that Earnhardt took to Twitter to express.

“Saturday races make Sunday feel like Monday,” Earnhardt mused. “Such a weird sensation. Hard to explain.”

We’ve all been there, though. Whether due to a vacation, a holiday, or just a change in schedule, starting or ending a workweek on an irregular day can throw anyone off for days. NFL player Kyle Long agreed with NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. While he doesn’t have experience behind the wheel of a stock car, he knows the feeling of off cycle weeks well.

“Thursday night games and Monday games same way,” Long said. “Creatures of habit I guess. ‘Today is our ____’ was a phrase spoken all the time on off cycle weeks.

NASCAR Driver Dale Earnhardt Jr Avoids Big One With Help From His Crew

On a NASCAR track, one false move by a single driver can cause pandemonium for the entire field. During Friday’s Xfinity Series race, Dale Earnhardt Jr faced with such an event when Noah Gragson spun into the outside wall after being bumped by Sam Mayer. One driver wrecking led to a Big One, with no less than twenty cars finding themselves caught in the chaos.

With the help of his crew, however, Dale Earnhardt Jr was able to expertly avoid the wreck, a major contributing factor in his near-top-10 finish. And thanks to NASCAR’s recording of all headset chatter, we got to hear exactly what was said between Dale Jr and his crew chief.

After a lot of WRECK, WRECK, WRECKs and STOP, STOP, STOPs, Dale Earnhardt Jr’s NASCAR crew talked him through the massive wreck and he drove away completely unscathed. Thrilled by his incredible luck, Dale Jr said into his headset, “You got me through it! You did it! Good job!”