NASCAR: Danica Patrick Opens Up About Her Life Away From the Sport

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

A lot of the life of NASCAR analyst Danica Patrick has been spent behind the wheel of a race car. But she has left that behind. These days, you can catch her as an analyst for NASCAR Cup Series races on FOX Sports. Many people remember her from both stock car and Formula One races. Yet she has a life beyond being on the track as a driver. She’s even found a niche through her own podcast with different guests from all walks of life.

What about her work away from being on the track? Patrick said the podcast titled Pretty Intense has gone better than she expected. She has a vineyard but it was devastated by fire a couple of years ago. Now, she said that she should see damaged areas have their first harvest this year or next.

NASCAR Analyst Danica Patrick Has A Nice Rhythm To Her Life

Now, Danica Patrick also started up a candle company. She was inspired to do so by an aroma ecologist Patrick met in Cairo at the end of a trip to Egypt. Yet part of the goal for her life is to not work as much, to not keep as demanding a schedule as she did while racing. Here’s more about that from FOX Sports.

“Part of retiring included doing less,” she said. “It’s not about keeping that same energy going. It’s about cultivating other aspects of myself that will help me in other ways. Trust me, I can still access that other energy. And I do most of the time. But it’s also fun to kind of be in other spaces and do other things.” 

In other words, if Danica Patrick wants to go on a vacation, she can schedule one much more easily than when she had to be at a racetrack. These days, she can go see friends or to a concert or farmers market. And she will make time to be there.

One Bucket List Item For Patrick Was Running Boston Marathon

“I’ve been able to explore more sort of science and spirituality and restorative stuff, like taking vacations just in general,” she said. “I don’t know if I had an idea of what [retirement] was going to look like. But if I were to design what it was going to look like, this is a pretty good design.”

Well, Danica Patrick may not be on the racetrack anymore. But she still likes to race and managed to complete the Boston Marathon last year.

“I have only ever had one bucket list item. 1! That is to do a marathon,” Patrick wrote in an Instagram post in 2021. “So, why not do the most famous and apparently hardest one…. Boston.”