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NASCAR at Darlington: Martin Truex Jr. Takes Out Nine Cars in Huge Final-Stage Wreck

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jeffrey Vest/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Just when you thought things were going to be okay at The Lady in Black… Martin Truex Jr. takes out the Darlington field in a big wreck. NASCAR is a sport of surprises. This one took a while to clean up as the field slowly drove around and the tow trucks went out in full force to clear the track.

Martin Truex Jr. was the driver that got a little sideways and ended up causing the chain reaction that led to this. Wrecks are part of the sport. However, Darlington raises the stakes. That egg-shaped track is a killer on tires and can cause spin-outs at any moment.

Here’s how it all went down looking from above. Just a tough situation that took out some top-10 cars. A few of the nine cars that got involved in the wreck were able to make it back. However, some had their days ended about 30 laps too early.

You hate to see a driver like Martin Truex Jr have a bad Darlington wreck. The driver was strong on the day and so were others in the wreck. It’s just a tough situation all around. Truex, Wallace, Kurt Busch, all of those guys wanted to get a great final stage finish. That just wasn’t in the cards today.

Darlington claimed more than a few cars today. The track took out Kyle Larson as well as Kyle Busch earlier in the race. It’s just one moment that changes everything when it comes to NASCAR.

Martin Truex Jr. Clears the Way for Joey Logano at Darlington

When Martin Truex Jr. cleared out the track at Darlington with his wreck, it opened it up. There was a strong and tight pack of drivers right behind the leaders. William Byron and Joey Logano ran strong the entire race and were the two best cars and drivers on the track. Without a pack of cars a second or two behind them, things only got better for these front runners after the caution from this incident.

Logano would go on to win the race after the big wreck. He made his way from pole to checkered flag for his first win of the year. While the move he made at the end of the race was controversial, especially for the 24 and his fans, it happens. Folks can’t be too upset when racing happens on the track.

So, Martin Truex Jr was the one to wreck the field in Darlington. Not maliciously and really, wasn’t his fault either. It just happens. Everyone knew the big one was coming, and his No. 19 just so happened to be the catalyst for it. Tough break for those cars involved, but a big win for Logano.