NASCAR: Denny Hamlin Calls Out the Hypocritical Reaction to Ross Chastain-AJ Allmendinger Situation at Circuit of the Americas

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

There has been a lot of drama in the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series. Now, some of it involves NASCAR superstar driver Denny Hamlin. Hamlin took to his personal Twitter account to raise concerns about what sees as a hypocritical reaction to the Ross Chastain-AJ Allmendinger situation at COTA over the weekend.

He tweeted, “Well then we must acknowledge that whether it’s ok or not in the public eye is directly correlated to who it happens to…”

Denny Hamlin Speaks on NASCAR Hypocrisy

On Sunday at COTA, Chastain spun out Allmendinger late in the race on Sunday. The latter was in first place at the time of the move, and because of it, Chastain won the race while Allmendinger was left astray in no-mans land. It was highly controversial and talked about moment in the race on Sunday. However, the reaction to the move and where the sport is going in this regard is mixed. Some agree with Chastain’s approach while others disagree. It depends on who you ask, like NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin.

For NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin, his earlier point in the Twitter thread was that this happened quickly. That now it is a do-whatever-it-takes thing in the sport. He tweeted, “In 2017 it wasn’t ok. In todays world. ‘High stakes’ ‘do whatever it takes’ ‘playoffs on the line’ blah blah, it’s all fair game. The game has changed and it’s just expected now. Everyone runs over everyone. Doesn’t matter if it’s for 1st or 10th.”

Hamlin just wants it to be acknowledged that this is how it goes now and that the response from folks depends on the outcome.

AJ Allmendinger Speaks on Ending at COTA

That is not how Allmendinger wanted to conclude his Sunday. He was in the lead and looked good to win his first NASCAR Cup Series race in 2022. This is what NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin is talking about. That did not happen after what happened with Chastain late in the race.

Afterward, he said, “I mean, at the end of the day, we all gotta look at ourselves in the mirror and be okay with it.” It was a classy response. He continued, “Each person’s different, so… More than anything, I’m proud of Kaulig Racing. The Chevy was so fast, I think if we could have had just a long run, nobody was gonna touch us.” He took the high road and was proud of his team for fighting hard and snagging the victory.

Allmendinger added, “We know we had a shot to win the race.” He concluded, “It’s tough to win a Cup race, so when you put yourself in a position to legitimately run up front all day and have a shot to win it, it’s a pretty great day. Unfortunately, we needed about two more corners.”

It’s fair to assume these questions will persist, not just from Denny Hamlin, as the NASCAR season goes along.