NASCAR: Denny Hamlin Looks for Payback After Ross Chastain Sends Him Into the Wall at Gateway

by Jonathan Howard

Are y’all ready for some petty NASCAR driving? Denny Hamlin and Ross Chastain made some contact and the No. 11 did not appreciate it. When you get your toe link damaged and fall down from the top-10 to three laps down… tensions will rise. Hamlin’s frustration boiled over during the race as Chastain kept himself in the top-5 while Hamlin watched himself get lapped over and over again.

It was a little contact on the turn, and Chastain ran right into that FedEx 11. The incident was a major setback for Hamlin and while there is a lot of race left to go, it might have ruined his entire day. Illinois hasn’t seen a NASCAR Cup Series race in a while, so why not have some drama?

Check it out below.

At the time it looked like the toe link was going to be impossible to fix. However, the Toyota JGR team got it going and the car met minimum speed. Hamlin’s journey to the lead lap begins, but it’s going to be easier said than done.

This wasn’t the end of things, though. Denny Hamlin used the chances he had while being lapped to mess with Chastain. Running him into the apron, driving right in front of him, and letting others catch up to the Trackhouse Racing driver. It was a masterclass in trolling and payback while on the track.

While it was all fun and games during this, NASCAR officials eventually got onto Hamlin. They let him know that he had made his point “about 34 laps ago”. It’s a tricky situation driving on a new track, but these drivers don’t take slights lightly. Grudges never go away easily in this sport.

Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott Team-Up, WWE Style on Ross Chastain

This unification of NASCAR teams and drivers might be bigger than when the NWO was formed and Hulk Hogan made his heel turn. Seriously, there’s not much that can bring rivals together in the sport of NASCAR. However, Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott found out they had a common enemy. Ross Chastain.

Almost right after all the Hamlin drama, Chatain wrecked Elliott. Then, on the restart, he found himself sandwiched between Hamlin, behind on laps, and Elliott, right behind him on the lead lap. This was the result. A run and bump from Elliott and then another hard move from Hamlin. Chastain almost missed minimum speed.

The bonds that tie sure are strange, aren’t they?