NASCAR’s Denny Hamlin Posts Short and Sweet Response After Losing at Pocono to Disqualification

by Jonathan Howard

So, we don’t have an official statement, but NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin has chimed in a little regarding his disqualification. Of course, you know that Hamlin isn’t going to be happy about the decision. However, there isn’t much he can say or do to change the NASCAR decision. Of course, there are some things that you just don’t want to give back.

While the win meant a lot to Denny Hamlin – something else meant more. Fans watching on TV likely saw his daughter Taylor come and greet her dad after he had seemingly won the race. She grabbed the checkered flag and the two drove around the track together.

It was a great moment to see and not something that Hamlin is wanting to give back. Check out his tweet below.

Yeah, I don’t think anyone is going to get that flag from the Hamlin family. And, they shouldn’t try to, either. I think that Chase Elliott has plenty at home, so Taylor can keep hers.

The decision from NASCAR was a big shock to not just the No. 11 team and Joe Gibbs Racing, but to the fanbase as well. This is not something that happens, it just isn’t. But, there was a good reason for it.

NASCAR Explains Denny Hamlin DQ

After the decision was made, the news came out and people wanted to know what the deal was. It basically came down to extra material being on the front bumper that shouldn’t have been there.

“There were some issues discovered that affect [the aerodynamics] of the vehicle,” Brad Moran of NASCAR explained. “The part was the front facia, and there really was no reason why there was some material somewhere where it shouldn’t have been and that basically comes down to a DQ. It is a penalty both first 11 of Denny Hamlin and 18 of Kyle Busch have been DQ’d. Their vehicles are being loaded into a NASCAR hauler, they’re going to be taken to the R&D Center.”

So, NASCAR felt the added material gave an unfair advantage. Messing with aerodynamics is a big no-no in racing. The reason why the postrace inspection found what the prerace inspection did not is because of the location of the material. It was under the paint scheme wrap, which is only removed in postrace.