NASCAR: Denny Hamlin Shares He’s Selling Sunday’s Pocono Raceway Trophy on eBay in Humorous Tweet

by Jonathan Howard

Well, we haven’t heard a lot from Denny Hamlin since he was disqualified by NASCAR at Pocono Raceway. But, he’s got a good sense of humor. Hamlin looks to be taking this one in stride. His Joe Gibbs Racing team won’t appeal the disqualification of his car or his teammate Kyle Busch. So, it’s on to the next one. Except, he’s got a couple of things laying around the house he doesn’t want anymore.

On his Twitter account, Denny Hamlin posted a little video. It featured the disqualified winner eating a nice meal and drinking some of that first-place champagne. The trophy sits solemnly next to him. He knows it just won’t mean the same. So, make sure to check eBay if you want some NASCAR memorabilia.

Check out the video below.

Since the disqualification, the NASCAR world has been on fire. Fans and drivers alike have reacted to the change in the race results. Having the top two drivers in a race disqualified is unprecedented. The last time a Cup Series winner was DQ’d was back in 1960. So, Denny Hamlin did make history.

Oh, and for those that are wondering, a quick search for “Pocono trophy” on eBay shows no results for the trophy. So, maybe he’ll be taking private bids, or he’s placed it under an obscure title. At any rate, I don’t think he’s keeping this trophy, regardless of where he puts it online.

The driver has been pretty quiet about this matter. Just a couple of tweets, one last night and this one now. So, will we hear more out of him before the Indy road course? Or will he look to move on from the moment and never mention it again?

Denny Hamlin Won’t Be Giving Up the Checkered Flag

Last night, after the news was announced, Denny Hamlin made one thing clear. That checkered flag that his daughter Taylor was seen running around with – he will not be giving it back. He posted a small tweet that simply said, “Yeah, good luck getting that back.” I don’t think anyone is going to try getting it back, either.

This was a big hit to Hamlin and his team. The Toyota and TRD teams are disappointed, but everyone seems to want to get this behind them. No appeal, no fuss. Even the Joe Gibbs Racing team found that the tape issues were egregious enough to let it go. There are five races left in the season and since his win at Charlotte, Hamlin has two more top-10 finishes to his name.

Road courses aren’t exactly Denny Hamlin’s biggest strength. However, he doesn’t have a lot of room for further error if he wants to compete with Chase Elliott.