NASCAR: Did Bubba Wallace Spot a Good or Bad Omen for Ryan Blaney This Weekend?

by Jonathan Howard

It is no secret that Ryan Blaney desperately wants a win in the regular season. Fellow NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace wants to see his friend take a checkered flag, too.

Wallace was out driving, presumably in the Watkins Glen area, and spotted something interesting. It isn’t strange to see NASCAR stickers and magnets on cars when a race comes into town, but this was a little too serendipitous.

It’s just one of those things that lines up. Blaney wants a victory, and he might need to win depending on how the last two weeks of the regular season shake out. Was this the sign that No. 12 fans and Blaney himself have been looking for this whole time? Or is it going to be another week of “what could have been” when the checkered flag is waved?

Check out the post below and see for yourself.

Right there in front of Wallace at a red light were two Blaney fans that seemed to be ready for the New York race. Watkins Glen is a road course that doesn’t get all the hate the others do. It’s the original road course for many fans.

In all honesty, it isn’t just the 12 that needs a win. Wallace would really like to punch his ticket to the playoffs. He was P5 at Indy — the last Cup Series road course race. Does he have it in him to compete for a win? Hard to say. His chances at Daytona are higher, a track he finished P2 at to start the season.

As far as Wallace’s race goes, he’s just happy to get some continuity on pit road and on the track. It’s been a big turnaround for the No. 23 team.

Bubba Wallace Breaks Down Changes

It isn’t a coincidence that Bubba Wallace and his team have turned it on in the last month. The 23XI driver hasn’t always had the easiest go of things in the season. There were highlights at the beginning of the year. Then, a lot of rough spots. Pit crew issues were among the hot topics throughout the middle of the season.

“We had a lot of failures on pit road that cost us a lot of the speed. And I keep telling everybody this is the speed we’ve had all year long. But this is the product of execution now when you get the finishes,” Wallace said earlier this week. He also noted changes that he made himself mentally and that his crew chief had made.

When the green flag drops at Watkins Glen, there will be a lot of storylines flying around. However, the only thing on the minds of drivers like Bubba Wallace and Ryan Blaney is a checkered flag. Let’s see if the end-of-season action is as good as everyone has been hoping it will be.