NASCAR Disqualifies Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch at Pocono Raceway, Chase Elliott Declared Winner

by Jonathan Howard

Just when we were all celebrating the day for Denny Hamlin, NASCAR post-race inspection is here to remind us it’s not over til it’s over. After inspection, Hamlin and fellow Joe Gibbs Racing teammate Kyle Busch have been disqualified. This is a shocking result, to say the least.

Denny Hamlin was celebrating a historic win number seven at Pocono Raceway, his third of the season, and 49th of his career. However, it’s not going to be his race. The checkered flag, now that the top two cars are DQ’d, belongs to Chase Elliott. He now has four wins on the year.

Bob Pockrass of Fox NASCAR had the news.

NASCAR did not wait long after to make it official. This is going to be a massive hit to not just Denny Hamlin and his season, but a big change to the postseason outlook. Elliott will expand his playoff points lead and Hamlin, who would have moved into second, will now have to shake this off and look forward to the next race.

Elliott thought he was finishing a strong third place, but instead, he gets another checkered flag and a chance to really make a push for this championship.

We have seen drivers further back in the field disqualified for post-race inspection failures. However, this is the biggest DQ all season. The two biggest DQs of the season to be exact. With this news, the NASCAR world is a little bit shocked. It’s just not something that we’ve seen every day.

So, what exactly was so wrong with the two cars? Both Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch had an issue with the front facia. Apparently, there was some material where there should not have been material. That’s a tough break.

Denny Hamlin has History Ripped From his Hands

This is an especially tough decision because of how important this win was. Denny Hamlin was the talk of the week. He was tied with Jeff Gordon at six wins at Pocono Raceway and wanted to become the all-time winner. For a while, he had it. He had made history and all was how it should be in the life of the FedEx No. 11 driver.

On a day where Hamlin and Busch were the two best cars on the track – it’s not what Joe Gibbs Racing would like to see. The Elliott win just makes this a little harder to swallow if you’re a JGR fan. What surprises will this season have for us as we move onto the Indy road course next week?