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NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace Shows Off New Digs in Photos

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace is teasing a new merchandise collaboration with McDonalds. Check out the pictures!

NASCAR fans are excited to see Bubba Wallace back on the track. The race car driver is excited to bring his Toyota Camry on the track for the 2022 season. Recently revealing the new McDonald’s paint scheme design, Wallace and 23XI Racing are excited to announce the new partnership.

In addition to the car, Wallace is showing off some new merch. Dropping tomorrow (February 18), the clothing line will feature items inspired by both Wallace’s history and the fast food chain. In a Twitter posts, he shares four special items that are a part of the collection.

The pictures show two special bomber jackets, a McDonalds hat, a white t-shirt design, and sweats. The red joggers shown even say “i’m lovin’ it” on the side seams. Modeling some of the products himself, fans are excited to see the new clothing line.

“This is a true team player saving money on the marketing end by modeling his gear his damn self!!” one fan writes.

Even the McDonalds Twitter account gets in on the action: “where have i seen these models before,” the company asks.

Tomorrow, the merchandise line will be available for purchase. Make sure you grab your “I Brake For Drive-Thrus” shirt before they sell out.

Bubba Wallace on Winning NASCAR First Cup Series

Bubba Wallace is a confident driver. In an interview with Pop Culture, he talks about how he predicted he would sin the First Cup Series a few days prior to the race.

“I had a feeling Thursday or Friday,”  he says. “Amanda [Wallace’s girlfriend] claims that she told me that we were going to win, but I had a feeling Friday before the race, this is definitely going to happen. Just everything felt right.”

He says there were moments during the race where he felt unsure of his chances. The turbulent weather added to this stress.

“And so there was moments throughout the race though, I was like, this is not what I had envisioned. We were running 25th, but it’s Talladega, you never know what could happen with that last run there.”

He goes on to thank his team, which continues to grow. The sky is the limit as new opportunities come up for Bubba Wallace.

“The expansion of our team has been great, got a lot of new smart faces that are going to be a part of our team moving forward. So just excited about the opportunities, I think the sky is the limit for us and there is so much potential left in our team to figure out what we need to do as a whole, to figure out this new car with NextGen coming out.”