NASCAR Driver Martin Truex Jr. on His Racing Future: ‘I Try Not to Look Too Far Ahead’

by Jonathan Howard

When it comes to NASCAR and life, Martin Truex Jr. doesn’t look to the future too much. He takes it one day at a time. That might make his family, friends, and even his Joe Gibbs Racing team a little frustrated at times. But, that’s just who the driver has always been. At 41-years-old he is still able to race with the best of them. He’s hoping to prove it once again at Richmond Raceway this weekend. A venue he’s won at three of the last five times.

The only issue with Truex not knowing what he wants to do in the future… his JGR contract is up this year. After the season is over, he’s going to have to let his team know what his intentions are. Probably sooner than the end of the season, if we’re being honest.

“I try not to look too far ahead,” the driver said to the AP. “I’m not a big planner. As long as I am having fun and competitive, I’ll keep going.”

While his season hasn’t been going great, his best finish came in the last race. The Circuit of the Americas is tough, and Truex managed a 7th place finish on the road course. No matter what happens this season, the results aren’t what ultimately decide his future choices.

“I try not to overthink stuff. I just do my thing and roll with the punches,” he said. “I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in my career, I understand the sport, you just take it as it comes and enjoy the good days.”

No one is doubting that the former NASCAR Cup Series champion can still race. He has had some good stages and found himself up front on a couple of occasions.

NASCAR Heads to Richmond, Martin Truex Jr. Hopes the Past Repeats Itself

When NASCAR gets going in Richmond this weekend Martin Truex Jr. won’t be thinking about the future. He’s going to be taking life lap by lap. However, there is some pressure on the three-time track winner. Winning three out of the last five races in Richmond is a big deal. Even though the cars are very different, his experience should come in handy.

Meanwhile, his other Joe Gibbs Racing teammates will feel some pressure as well. The team, and not even a single Toyota driver in the series, has not won a race. The Toyota Owners 400 would be a very fitting time to take a checkered flag, wouldn’t it? Perhaps it’s Truex who takes his fourth win in six races.

Maybe Kyle Busch wins for the seventh time, the first since 2018, at the historic venue for JGR? This weekend is going to be fun. Short tracks are back and Richmond is one of the best.