NASCAR Driver Ryan Blaney Reacts to Chicago Street Race, ‘I’m All for It’

by Jonathan Howard

The news is out about NASCAR making the Chicago Street Race official. Ryan Blaney has chimed in and he’s “all for it.” While some fans are going to be a bit disappointed that the Road America race will be taken off the schedule, that’s the way it goes I guess. However, let’s focus on the positive, which is a brand new NASCAR experience.

Never before has NASCAR taken to a street course. To do so in Chicago seems very fitting. Ryan Blaney seems to think so as well.

Ryan Blaney’s View

“It will be the first street course that we’ve ever done,” Blaney explained to “A lot of people, maybe they haven’t seen the sport before or been to a race. You bring it to them in a unique location in the city of Chicago and it draws people in.”

There are going to be a few differences between the usual ovals and road courses as well. Things are going to seem a little closer out on the streets of downtown Chicago.

“Street courses are always really tight, narrow race tracks.

“A lot of these tracks that we go to, you know ovals and things like that. Even most road courses they’re kinda out in a bunch of land kinda with nothing around. You know that’s kinda what they have to be. “

The newness and the challenge are what draw Ryan Blaney to the Chicago street race. Also, a chance to expand NASCAR to new audiences.

“The idea of street courses just brings it to a whole different market a whole different venue and hey if people get excited for it, and we’re able to put on a good race for everybody and it grows the sport. You know, I’m all for it.”

Other NASCAR Drivers Chime In on Chicago Street Race

For the most part, current drivers seem to be in favor of the Chicago street course. With a new race comes new challenges and opportunities. It’s about growing the sport and expanding what is turning out to be a really good product with the Next Gen cars.

Joey Logano seems to be on board as well.

“I’m [in favor] of bringing the racetrack to the fan. It’s hard to ask somebody to travel if you’ve never been to a race before. Like ‘I want to go to Atlanta this weekend, but it’s three hours away.’ Are you gonna go? Probably not, because you’re not a big race fan yet. But if it’s in your backyard, you’re probably gonna go to the race.”

How do you see it Outsiders, is this a good move, like the L.A. Coliseum? Or is this going to fall flat like major decisions in the past?