NASCAR Driver William Byron Says Win at Martinsville Was for His Mom: ‘Means a Lot to Have Her Here’

by Joe Rutland
Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

NASCAR driver William Byron picked up a win at Martinsville on Saturday night, but having his mom in attendance was the true victory. Byron, who picked up the famed grandfather clock from Martinsville Speedway after a Cup Series win, talked about having his mother Dana in attendance. He got asked after the race what it feels like to win at the “Paper Clip.”

NASCAR Star William Byron Dedicates His Victory At Martinsville To His Mother

“Man, it feels awesome,” Byron says. “you know, I knew when that last caution came out, we were probably, you know I thought everyone behind us would pit. And luckily, you know, we stayed out, we were aggressive. We felt like we could refire on the tires and be OK.

“You got one of the most aggressive guys behind you in [Joey] Logano,” he says. “And I knew, like, I missed, I shattered the tires in 3 and 4 and kind of left the bottom open. But [I] was able to block my exits and get a good drive off. So, this one’s for my mom.”

“You know, she…last time, last time this same weekend last year, she had kind of a mini-stroke and was diagnosed with brain cancer,” he says. “So it means a lot to have her here and it’s been a crazy year but she’s doing great. Thanks, everybody, for the support. I kind of felt like she was riding there with me. So, it’s cool to have her here and I’m definitely going to enjoy this one.”

Byron Joins Other NASCAR Drivers In Getting Used To Next-Gen Cars This Season

Much like other NASCAR Cup Series drivers this season, William Byron is getting used to the Next-Gen car. Heck, getting used to it is a sport unto itself.

“I feel like I’m getting more and more confident and comfortable in this race car,” Byron said in an interview with NASCAR America Motormouths. “And not thinking about the ‘what ifs’ and what’s going to happen if I get lost or what’s going to happen if I make this move.”

Byron, 24, has been behind the wheel now for a few months. He is learning how to drive the car but so are other NASCAR drivers, too. “I feel like we’re still kind of guessing a bit,” he said. “When we hit on it, it’s really fast. And when we’re off a little bit, it’s slow. It’s just figuring out those things. But new contenders, it’s exciting. It seems like the race car rewards aggression, for the most part.”