NASCAR Drivers Including Kyle Larson, Chase Elliott Explain Why They’ll Win 2022 Cup Series Championship

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

The 2022 NASCAR Cup Series is well underway. Already, 2021 champion Kyle Larson of Hendrick Motorsports has nabbed a checkered flag at the Auto Club 400. However, there are still a lot of races to go before the postseason and a chance for NASCAR’s superstar drivers to win a championship in 2022. Well, NASCAR media asked Kyle Larson, Chase Elliott, and others about why they will win the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series championship in 2022.

For Larson, it’s pretty simple, as he said, “Because we have an amazing race team. I believe we have one of if not the best racing team out there.” His teammate, Chase Elliott said in the video, “Our group has really just taken this car as an opportunity to be better.” He continued, “Our group has done a good job of identifying what matters with this car and at least be able to get the ball rolling in the right direction.”

Still, Elliott has some work to do, as two different Hendrick Motorsports drivers, Alex Bowman and Larson, have already notched a NASCAR Cup Series victory in the 2022 season. It has been a bit of a rocky start for the fan-favorite in Elliott to this point.

Kyle Larson & Chase Elliott Drama

Kyle Larson has jumped out of the gate hot in 2022. In the past two weeks, Larson has either won the race or come in second place. This past weekend, it was still a victory for Hendrick Motorsports as Bowman won the race for the team. Even though Larson still came in second on the evening. Now, Larson is the betting favorite to win on Sunday in Phoenix. However, this is a place that both he and Elliott have won at in the past. The latter is +800 to win while the former is +400.

The two superstar drivers have been heavily linked in 2022. Larson won the Auto Club 400 a few weeks ago, but at the end of the race, a move by the superstar blocked Elliott from potentially making a run at the checkered flag. It turned into a very dramatic situation for the teammates. So much so that the team president Rick Hendrick sat in on a meeting last week about it all. Larson said, “That’s the only meeting since I’ve been there that Rick’s been a part of in that sense.” The superstar NASCAR driver continued, “He’s been to competition meetings and stuff like that. And we’ve had multiple meetings about different things. But as far as the racing and stuff, that’s the first one I can remember him getting involved in.”

Only time will tell how it all unfolds this season, but things are looking good for NASCAR superstars Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott in 2022 as they chase for the 2022 Cup Series championship.