NASCAR Drivers Open Up About Their Marriage Proposals

by Taylor Cunningham

Today (March 20) is National Proposal Day—yeah, we didn’t know that was a thing either. And to celebrate the holiday of romance, a few of our favorite NASCAR drivers sat down and told the stories of their own proposals. Unfortunately for them, popping the question didn’t go as flawlessly as their races.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Eric Almirola, Chase Briscoe, Austin Dillon, Kurt Bush, Bubba Wallace, and Chris Buescher all met with NBC sports and told their chaotic stories about plans gone awry. And though they may have felt mortified at the moment, we’re sure the memories make for wonderful stories. We know we enjoyed hearing them.

Stenhouse asked for Brittany Long to spend her life with him during a beautiful hike in the mountains. And he got down on one knee at sunset to do it. But when the couple pulled up at the park, she didn’t want to get out of the car. Instead, she told him and their friends that they could go along without her because it was “too cold.”

It took some convincing, but Stenhouse Jr. did convince her to go. And his friend caught a beautiful picture of Brittany saying yes.

Chris Buescher also proposed while on a hike. But his day took a painful turn when he slipped and fell on his way to the perfect spot. And because he was wearing the ring on his finger, he didn’t reach out and catch himself.

“I didn’t wanna sling the ring off my finger. I just kept my hand in my pocket and buried my ribs into a rock on the way.”

Almirola admitted that his proposal wasn’t his “finest moment.” He didn’t explain why. But he did say that he did it the second he flew home from the Texas Truck Race. Maybe Almirola didn’t make lavish plans, but the urgency is romantic enough.

These NASCAR Proposals Didn’t Go As Planned

Chase Briscoe couldn’t even remember when he put a ring on it. But he certainly came up with an adorable way of asking for Marissa Briscoe’s hand. He got her a puppy and put the ring on its collar.

But things quickly went sideways when the dog threw up on him on the way to the house. And then once his now-wife got the dog, she was so excited about the new four-legged friend, that she didn’t even notice the rock. So he kept saying “look at the collar” until she finally just randomly said “yes.”

When Dillon was set to as for his wife’s hand, he was headed out on a flight with her. And security spoiled the day by checking his bag that housed the ring.

Like most men, Bubba Wallace was a bag of nerves as he prepared himself to pop the question to his wife Amanda Carter. Before getting down on one knee, he called her sister for some advice.

“Just make sure you say something. Don’t just freeze,” she instructed. And Wallace thought that was easy enough.

But freezing is exactly what he did. Once he was down on one knee, he just had a “terrified deer in the headlight look” and never even asked, “will you marry me.”

Amanda figured out what was going on pretty quickly though, and she accepted the proposal nonetheless.

Luckily, there was one NASCAR great who managed to pull off his proposal without a hitch. Kurt Busch popped the question with horses as witnesses. And he “totally did the romantic thing, dropped down on one knee and asked Ashley to marry me.”