NASCAR Executives Say ‘Improvements’ Being Made ‘Daily’ Ahead of 2023 Season

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

NASCAR is in a new era of the sport and 2023 is the next step. The President and COO answered questions at Phoenix Raceway for an hour-long Q&A session. Steve Phelps and Steve O’Donnell were optimistic in their comments and are looking forward to the 2023 season, the 75th in the sport’s history.

Both executives talk about the safety of the Next Gen car. This has been an issue for the entire season. Drivers felt as though they were not being respected enough when it came to communication. Since then there have been talks between the folks at NASCAR and their drivers to get everyone as close to the same page as possible.

Changes are coming in 2023. The Next Gen cars have to be worked on and changed to improve safety and performance.

“It’s not just the car. I think the dialogue we’ve had with the teams now involves how are you fitting in your seat, helmets, foam head surround. All those things are part of this dialogue, which is really, really good. We’re seeing some improvements on a daily basis as we look toward 2023,” O’Donnell said, via

O’Donnell talked about the car specifically and wanted to dispel some rumors.

“I think one of the myths that was out there was around all the testing and what went into the Next Gen car. If you take a step back, there was more testing done for this car than at any time in our history, on track, simulation, you name it.”

NASCAR Going Into 2023 on a High Note

This is a big moment for NASCAR. Getting the next few seasons right will determine where the sport goes from here. When the Next Gen car was announced, the executives knew how major it was. So, they are doing their best to capitalize off of it.

Before NASCAR 2023 and the 75th season, there’s a championship race to still run.

“I think we are going to have an historic weekend,” Phelps later said. “Really excited to see the racing this evening, tomorrow and Sunday. The grandstands are going to be packed. … There’s going to be an energy there that we haven’t seen before.”

As this season ends, the future looks promising for NASCAR in 2023 and beyond.